“Eat More Fruit & Veg 9”

This is a continuation of the fruit and veg theme (click on the “EMFV” in the TAG CLOUD for the other posts).

Potato crisps are definitely not on the healthy eating list.  All that fat and salt plus the starch in potato must put them on the Richter scale of non healthy eating.   My godfather, Ken Thomas, designed the machine that twisted the blue salt packets that used to be in Smiths Crisps.   So he probably has a lot to answer for in terms of the high blood pressure of the nation.  I am sure he didn’t mean to do it.

Not to worry we now have vegetable crisps and they do count as one portion per packet.

You just have to forget about the salt and fat in them and ignore the fact they taste much like eating cardboard.    They come in all sorts of flavours – beetroot, parsnip, carrot – and different colours.     They just don’t have any flavour !


As a relatively new product, they are a triumph of hard sell advertising over reality.

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1 Response to “Eat More Fruit & Veg 9”

  1. My ‘Old Fruit’ I see you are back with EMFV (Empty minds Flt Vacantly), you are chewing the cud, and do not like the cardboard, but never mind: Have you got the teeth these days to make a real impression or are you biting with those sore gums at a lollipop. Just sucking it all in and exploding in kindly words? I wonder.
    I wait for the fruity crisps, the veg crisp sound B——- Awful.
    By the way did you enjoy your birthday, with a visit to the quack and dentist, optiction, and that friendly barbers for a haircut??? Or was it that local Unisex ( Lady Hairdressers attentendents Old Boy!) palour for memories of long ago? I wonder?

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