“Early Dementia Signs”

Promoting an active lifestyle for older people has always been the central theme of my working career over the last thirty years.

In your working life, it is your job that drives you to get up early in the morning, rain or shine.  When you retire, the loss of this strong motivation needs to be filled.  Initially most people have a backlog of chores around the house to do, in between the holidays and trips that were put off while you were at work.  This immediate post-retirement period has its own momentum while you enjoy the new found freedom from workday responsibility, but then what’s next ?

The transition into long-term retirement has no road map – you have to find your own way.  Family, volunteering, hobbies or a new interest all offer answers that fill the early years after work.

An interesting piece of research at The Institute of Health at Maryland in the USA studied older peoples’ lives in retirement.  They gave MRI scans to over 4,000 people with an average age of 76 who specifically did not have dementia or depression.  They studied levels of apathy amongst the group by asking them questions about their current lifestyle.  Indications of apathy were – lack of interest; lack of emotion; dropping activities and interests, preferring to stay at home and having lack of energy.

They found a correlation between those people with a high number of indications of apathy and accelerated brain disease.

The moral of the story:-

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2 Responses to “Early Dementia Signs”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Hi John No doubt about it active life active brain and that includes doing a crossword every day or as often as you can. That along with plenty of oily fish and the desert spoon of Severn Seas Olive Oil every morning to start the day; you can slide around all day long. Of course you can also leave an A4 pad on the table along with a quill and if, like me, you rise at 4am…come down pick up your quill and away you go write what ever comes into your head. Oh… and the gym twice a week. I don’t know how I fit living in between.

    • john graham says:

      Delighted to see you back on the blog again Jon, although please don’t feel you have to get up at 4am just for me 🙂
      As you can tell from elsewhere in my posts, I am rather more into fruit than spoons of oil in the morning. I have too many memories of sponfull’s of caster oil, which seemed to be the cure for everythng when I was a child. uuugh!

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