“Fruitless Effort”

I have spent a lot of blogging time over the summer extolling the virtues of eating more fruit and vegetables.  (See all these blogs by clicking on “EMFV” in the TAG CLOUD).

All of my efforts were based on Government advice given out in April this year that five a day was just not enough and you needed to eat seven portions of fruit and vegetables every day to stay at peak dietary health levels.

Goodness knows five was hard enough but seven took a lot of eating.  Plus the persistence to find all those choke berries that no-one had ever heard of in the village corner shop.  Then there was all the miles walking up and down the aisles at Tesco and Sainbury’s and Morrisons and Asda and Waitrose and Aldi and Lidl.  Thank goodness for the wife – she’s a treasure and two stone lighter after all that exercise.

What a pity then that a researcher studying all the other researchers studying fruit and veg has now concluded that seven a day may be going a bit too far because the benefits of extra fruit and veg level off with higher consumption.

Mind you this later study was based on data from 833,000 people and was collected over 26 years.  So those people probably explain why so many supermarket shelves are empty of all but the bruised fruit at the end of the day.

The study of studies was done by the nutty Professor Hu of Harvard School of Public Health.  He still recommends eating lots of nuts.  So as I will not be eating so much fruit and veg in future, I have asked the wife to stock up on family size bars of Cadbury’s whole nut chocolate which as the jingle goes  ……………..

“Nuts, whole hazelnuts, Cadbury make them and they cover them with chocolate”

So now I’m totally confused with all this Government advice and have no idea whether I will be more or less healthy without all the rabbit food.  But I am fairly confident that I will be happier with all the chocolate.

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3 Responses to “Fruitless Effort”

  1. A very interesting blogg/post this is! Does one have to consider ‘EMFV’ thinking of the anology of ‘Empty minds’? This reminds me of many a blog this site has had on the subject of retirement and becoming elderly.
    While unlike John I cannot consume the amount og knowledge he has aquired over time: However with time I could refect and drink in the knowledge on the world wide web, and all that it may contain in wise words from our research/educational/political, and government bodies, I would become in olden day terms a bookworm? Would I not, and all i wish to be is a butterfly, and a social one at that with a simple but empty mind, after pupating from a bookworm.
    This all brings to me how lucky one can be in life, and one must enjoy what one has, at the time as life is transcient, and loneliness, and the loss of love ones and friends draws nearer, as we grow older, may be wiser, but with no one the natter to and have a rather friendly or personal response with that rather sharp or witty, and a lovely smile to greet one, to remind one one was still alive and missed in this world of ours.
    A virtual smile is not quite the same as that warm handshake, greeting hugs and kisses: However is does show that people are conerned and do care as one batlles on into old age with ‘EMFV’.
    It is good to talk, god bless you.
    By the way I am a nut, but a BSW Or BSF, or even a Unithread Type, You cannot eat these but having learnt all about them in my apprenticeship days as an engineer, I appricated their individual details for a connecting strength (Freindship bonds), However to jaw jaw a with a few pickle walnuts( The Look alikes) and peanuts to nibble at and off course the old sweet chestnut, especially in the winter by the fire as I study the inviting warmth of the fire, and drift into dreamland and all those memmories of long ago, with that nip of a spirit to blurr the mind, from the cold outside..

    • john graham says:

      Drifting all over the place from fruit to retirement, moving effortlessly on to the world wide web, floating into friendship and somehow ending in engineering history.

      Now I know you are going nuts 🙂 but, at least an early morning,friendly variety.

      Happy days !

  2. Jon Cleaver says:

    You have everything right John on what to eat. The saying used to be ‘Cadburys Fruit and Nut Case.’ Now I think it is just be a fruit and nut case. Indeed there is some evidence to the effect nuts in particular have on health. Apparently eating just two walnuts per day will help protect the heart and brain, in fact a diet rich in nut eating is very healthy al-round. Julie and I have a constant stock of the nut goodies which we sit chewing in the evening…it certainly is different from scoffing sweets and chocolates…couple this with an apple and a clementine and a touch of the piano classics of Charles Timberlake and there you have the perfect health program. Keep your eye on the post John.

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