“Bolt from the Blue”

I do hope Scotland does not go independent, otherwise we may be deprived of some of the pearls of wisdom being released at the moment about the virtues of exercise, which no doubt were timed to coincide with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Researchers at the University of Dundee did high intensity training (HIT) with older people – six second sprints on an exercise bike only twice a week.  With this short burst of exercise they found that pensioners significantly improved their physical fitness and lowered their blood pressure.

Helpfully, one of the researchers explained that “you do not have to go at the speed of Usain Bolt”.  I guess that is just as well, since running 100 yards in less than 10 seconds is probably quite challenging for someone over 70.

GSrunningwheelclr2 (3)

The Catch 22 in this new advice is that they recommend that you consult your doctor before HIT training.  Perhaps you could run on the spot while waiting to queue for an appointment.

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1 Response to “Bolt from the Blue”

  1. Och I thea neu! Scotland will be missed, in this land of ours. I wonder if Free education is for all, including new migrants to Scotland like students and economic ones at that? They we can all say a scotsman is not mean or tight like a yorkshire man, but generous and loving giving all away to its citezens who deserve their trust? Utopia and rose coloured specticals come to mind.
    As for the Highland games and the dashing young ‘Bolt’ the Scots may beat us at more than football or Rugby, dare we say even cricket?
    You see, we can all dream and as for the Salmon it must swim on to reproduce in the upper reaches of the scottish rivers and there they may speak Gaelic, another string to Salmons bow, down with the english! But hey ho is it Urdu or polish, or yeddish or even german or french for the correct english man to speak, so he can communicate with his doctor and social worker or indeed the NHS. So you cannie scotsmen have you solved all the problems of the Uk in one referendum? I wonder?
    I must dash now for my morning exercise, and 5 or 7 EMFV

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