“Take More Pills”

This blog follows “Take Less Pills” and many other posts on pills which can be found by clicking on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD.

Only one page after a report on taking less pills, The Daily Mail on 4th July 2014, followed it with an article on Statins.  The Health Editor obviously failed to make any connection between the two articles.

Although it has been contentious in the medical world in the recent past, the latest advice on Statins is that most older people would benefit from taking them.  7 million people already do!

The latest advice is that they should be offered to all people who have a 10% chance of a heart attack or stroke, which is probably most older people.  My friends at N.I.C.E. are about to issue this advice so it must be true because usually they take years to consider any decision.  (N.I.C.E. is either The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence / Economics / Exclusion dependent on which day of the week it is).


Seems like N.I.C.E. is finally catching up with advice I commented on over two years ago.  (Click on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD and “START TAKING THE PILLS”).

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4 Responses to “Take More Pills”

  1. To you oldies the pills prercribed by your or one’s ‘quack’ and as recommended by NICE are to those over retiememnt/pensionable age ( What is that now 60- 65-70 or even 75), are free on the NHS: Yes: so you have something for nothing, your ticker in good condition, now the medicine! lets take away the winter fuel allowance to all those pensioners, so that the stronger constitution can withstand the cold winter days and nights, and off course reduce the state pension , and the associated benifits increases, so one can suck lemons, while one is stuttering in the cold? It is ever so ‘NICE’ of those political elite persons, and the government of the day! What say you, or am I belly aching to an empty auditorium?

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    ‘Auch than Neu’, where has ‘Dilnot’ gone and all those promises of a faire NHS? Is he riding his charoit into the sunset or even to Wales Northern Ireland and now Scotland? What do we do as Englishmen and women? I hope more than weep and moan in the gravy? Please ‘VOTE’

  3. Kerrie says:

    Very good cartoon. The difficulty is finding the right balance. Pills can be a good thing but blanket prescriptions for millions have to be properly evaluated.

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