N.H.S. Golden Goodbyes


Once again the elderly are being cast as a problem to the NHS.  The trouble is they will keep getting ill !

The Health Service chief Sir Bruce Keogh has been talking in the last few day about the problem of bed blocking.  During September there were over 1,000 patients, most of whom were elderly, who were unable to be discharged because of lack of social care at home.

This is estimated to cost the NHS £34,ooo,ooo a month !

So here is my simple solution :-

                                 An NHS GOLDEN GOODBYE

£34 million divided among 1000 patients, who are probably as keen to leave as the hospital managers are to get rid of them, would amount to £1,133 each.

If they went home and paid a carer £10 an hour, they could buy themselves 113 hours of care — at say  4 hours a day that would give them enough for paid support for a month.  Rather more than the 15 minute visits they might get from Social Services.

Alternatively, they could check into a budget hotel for a week, have a private room with en suite bathroom/shower, a colour TV and room service meals.  After their illness that should put a smile on their face 🙂

The even more adventurous ex-patient could be dropped off at the local airport in the ambulance and with their £1133 NHS Golden Goodbye money they could buy an Easyjet ticket to Spain and have two week all found winter break on the Costa Del Sol.

The overnight benefit to the NHS would be 1,000 beds at no extra capital cost — and— shorter waiting lists.


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5 Responses to N.H.S. Golden Goodbyes

  1. Diane says:

    You will be very lucky to get a paid carer for £10 an hour in Coventry to my knowledge.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks Diane,
      I am glad to see you are still following Grumblesmiles. You are quite right that the cost of carers, with all the added charges of agencies is much higher, but my point is that it is still a lot cheaper and spiritually better than well people languishing in hospital beds. I believe many older people, with good support and advice, can secure a better deal for themselves in the community than the NHS wasting their money by keeping them in hospital longer than necessary..

  2. My maths is not so good? However £34million divided by 1000 patients a week, where is the relationship? Is It £34,000,000 per annum and 1000 patients perweek turn over, that makes the payment 34,000,000/(52×1000) = £673.77p. I digress. The message is simple the prophet of doom has made some miscalculation, maybe? Or if the figure is £34,000,000 per month and 4×1000 patients per week then (Brain in gear £34m x12/(1000 x52) gives £7846.15 per week per patient for care to be allocated!!!!) This even may not be correct. I remain to be challenged!!!.
    The fact it is, it all statistics and one is playing around with hardearned tax payers money, and I for one would like to see some senisble compromise on an economic basis for all concerned.
    A solution of a ‘Return from hospital care Type Hotel or care in the home is a just and socially acceptable solution: However does the government instead of bandying statistics about need to made some hell fire sure investments?/ In the 80/90’s investments was for larger centralised hospitals ( Off which we have more patients-But are closing wards faster then registration of new patients- Were these edifices not the then seen uptodate solution for the aging population?) or as we speak centres of excellent, are we now paying the overdraft costs for these developments as taxpayers, where the investor/developer is the benificiery and not the general public as patients of need within the NHS.
    Please gentlemen think on your feet not in the urinals where you are able to display your abilities.
    Off course I maybe talking rubbish, But never mind it is my rubbish to utter!!!

    • john graham says:

      Once upon a time as an eager young schoolboy I was taught the times tables, then along came algebra, later still calculus and finally a whole load more sets and simultaneous equations. All before the time of calculators and computers. Most of it I have long since forgotten, but some sense still remains, although now I tend to use a fag packet.
      £34,000,000 per month divided by 1000 patients equals £34, 000 per patient per month —- I know it sounds a lot but that is to pay for all the managers in the NHS.
      Now if that was then divided by an average of 30 days in a month that gets me to £1,133 per patient per day, spent in hospital not being treated.
      Here are a few more options 🙂
      Sack at least half the managers in the NHS;
      Give the money to the patients to get out of hospital, or not even come in in the first place . We could call this preventative health care !

      • You old dog, the fag packets are the best-Senior Service for instance?? As always I bow to your mortal skills, But it is good to poke the cage now and again to see if you are still living. Good on you John. By the Way! Happy Christmas and Seasons Greetings to You and Your Family. Regards David and Molly.

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