“Sign of the Times”

A belated observation on the media and how it portrays older people.   Let hope for a New years’ resolution of more positive images in the year ahead.

The Times is a big political issue of the day, head down, serious newspaper.   Recently  was no different –  3 November 2014 – front page headlines about “immigration.   Page 2 was given over to knocking the BBC, migrants and the EU.

Page 3 had no bare breasted women,  only a spectacular half page Picture of Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, sextant in hand, on the deck of his yacht “Grey Power” about to set sail across the Atlantic single handed at the tender age of 75!    It is 45 years since he broke records sailing around the world and he still hasn’t found his carpet slippers!

However, what caught my eye today in The Times was page 4:-

  • A “Burden” Story – the concern was for the 45% of people in their 50’s who have to look after older parents of in laws.
  • A “Neglect” story – concern for the 90% of nurses who don’t feel able to give the right care to dying patients.
  • A “Loneliness” story – half a million older people will spend Christmas alone.

The good news on the top of the page was a really happy picture of two very happy older gentlemen riding a topless car over Westminster Bridge in the London to Brighton Vintage Car Run.

The moral is ——–  don’t read the stories of misery  ……………..

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 166

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1 Response to “Sign of the Times”

  1. A new years thought based on old principles. A Retirement village as envisaged by the ExtraCare Charitable TRust is a community in the finest sense of the wording. A varying age of people, a mixed social background and sex, and mobility of differing abilities all over the age of 55 or 60.
    In an earlier blog, I liken this to a ship: People with a common goal set on the high seas to live life to the full.
    This I wish to modify! On a ship one has to sign agreements, binding and legal, and one and all take the same voyage, and places of interest?. In a retirement village one is independent with in the constaints of ideas of thought word and deed: However one relies and to some extent has to rely on each other for politness, help and assistance when required.
    I look forward to 2015, and my fellow villages as to the discussions we may have on subjects of common interest, pastimes and holidays. Happy New year to all!!!!

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