“Elderly Person Having Fun”

Two completely unrelated photographs in The Times, 31 October 2014, caught my eye.    So much so that I kept the paper in a pile for a while, until I could get around to writing this blog.

The first photograph was of a young girl jumping in a puddle of mud in the Wicksteed Park 2014 Puddle Jumping Contest.  She just had the biggest smile!!

The second photo was a man in spring loaded boots which enabled him to run at 25 miles an hour!!

Now put these two ideas together and apply them to the lives of the elderly.

Bionic boots on the NHS or even from Boots the Chemist, will enable older people to get around much more easily.  No more waiting for buses that never come.  No more zimmer frames or mobility scooters that immediately brand your as “old”.

Link that to the first photo and run back into childhood to have great fun in your Nike senior trainers.   They could soon become latest pensioner fashion accessory complete with speed stripes and a Government health warning to younger pedestrians to get out of the way .

ElderlyFun (3)

Elderly people in bionic boots could become the new craze :-  jumping out of residential care homes;   no more sitting around in a stinky lounge all day;   out and about in the fresh air.         Look out you trendy young free runners, we won’t bother jumping over walls, we will jump generations.

  • Smiles on faces
  • Obstacle races
  • Skipping contests
  • Giant hop scotch
  • Bionic crowd walking

Coming home after a hard day’s puddle jumping, covered in mud and no-one to tell you off !

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 164

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1 Response to “Elderly Person Having Fun”

  1. It is all magic, mainly in the mind? But what the hell, if one does not dream now and again and relive childhood, then where would we be?? Like the buildings of a care home, or residential home which have to be revitalised and spring cleaned every now and again,the residents unfortunate are limited by their mortal bodies, but not their hearts and minds, so look out! I may not wear the boots or the leg extentions: However I like to keep a keen mind and upto date with the younger generation in spirit ( Not the bottled variety either) if nothing else?
    I appriciate the sentiments, and I leap forward with all of you, but only one step at a time.
    To be young and innocent is wonderful, and to fall in love is another emotion I love to revisit, especially as my wife and I, of many a year spend the days enjoying each others company and the greater family, with the genuine smiles freely given of the younger generation, which mean so much enjoyment and given so freely.
    Even an old codger who has a smile freely given is a wonderful experiencre of any day.
    My legs and my shoes? I must jump in this puddle like Doctor Foster, and too hell with the consequeces of getting wet, my mind is set free!! Is Yours???

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