“Granola Education”

In my endless search for the perfect breakfast, I was looking through the bounteous cereal shelves of the Co-op yesterday and a shiny package of “Lizi’s Granola” caught my eye.  I remember the name from a few years ago when I got into a fight trying to get into a packet.

GScerealCLR (6)

I bought some to see if things have improved and because Lizi seems a very nice lady.  Her picture is still on the back of the packet – she’s still very photogenic but I am sure her hair wasn’t grey before.  I hope this is not a Granola side effect ??

Just as I remember from last time, there is lots of helpful, but incomprehensible health advice about Lizi’s Granola.  It has a low GL – that’s Glycaemic Load – so now you know !

The ingredients are all full of nuts and seeds but they also have Oligofructose – which with my magnifying glass to read the small print – I am told is a natural soluble fibre derived from chicory – so that is alright then.

Other bits of useful information:-

  • It’s GMO free – unfortunately it doesn’t explain GMO ?
  •  It also gives the DRI – that’s Daily Reference Intake – clear ?
  •  And finally, be reassured you can recycle the package as plastic : LDPE / PET / BOPP – I think it is something to do with animals dancing ?

Along with making excellent Granola, I think Lizi must have a Phd in food science or even nuclear physics.  But perhaps it is best not to educate the world on the back of a Granola packet.

The good news is that it comes from Barry Island and that tastes a lot better than the sandwiches full of sand that I used to have there on Sunday school outings.

P.s. I managed to open the packet ok.  Perhaps Lizi read my last blog about her Granola. (See “Granola Wars” by clicking on “BREAKFAST” in the TAG CLOUD).

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1 Response to “Granola Education”

  1. The grey matter is engaged, The thought processes revived, and with certain memory lapses, I wonder if like me one remembers ‘Bird’ Grape NUTS a cereal of small grits roasted, nuts and oats in small very small bits and sold in rather small packaging as the product was dense (Heavy weight/small volume ratio.). I have not seen this cereal since my childhood in the 50’s: I do remember it had a most distinctive and very pleasant taste: However for the ‘OLDER’ peoples with false teeth and dentures it must have been purgatory as the fine ‘Grits’ got beneath the plates or palet of the dentures, and I assume one had to rush to the bathroom soon afterwards to cleanse ones mouth out, around those denture. Grand memories!!! Off course with ‘falsee’s one could not eat a raw apple (Unpeeled) or grip sufficiently tightly the wrapping surrounding the boxed cereal? So today is the problem the Falsee’s or just old age and the determination not to go hungry and thus eat paper or its by products such as cellophane wrappings? I wonder?
    What about that marvellous stuff called ???? (Araldite)- to fix and locate ones dentures safely so one can eat smile and communicate throughout the day without splurting and having the embarassment of ones teeth or dental apparatus fleeing ones gob and knocking ones tea cup while landing on the coffee table for all too see? Attishoo!!! OH Grandpa what big teeth you have? said the grand daughter-Little red ridinghood.

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