“Cloud Surfing – Time Goes By”

I have spent a large part of August exploring the hidden depths and dizzy heights of the internet.  My search on the internet for positive stories about ageing goes on.  You can see earlier posts on this theme by clicking on “CLOUD SURFING” in the TAG CLOUD”.

So far my hunt has been time consuming.  It has been interesting nonetheless and I am beginning to gain some insight about how the internet is being used by older people, mainly of course in America.

I have found lots of blogs written by older people, thanks to a site put together by Ronni Bennett called “TIME GOES BY” (click on the link to see it).  It has a massive blog roll, which is a list of links to blogs mainly written by older people.  Most of them are written as diaries of later life and they give you a great insight of older people in America.

Most of what I have found has been in the USA and so I feel like Christopher Columbus with his trustee telescope searching for “land ahoy”.  Thanks to Ronni Bennett’s website, my search has been made easier and it’s obvious that there is much more active involvement with older people on the internet, and blogging in particular, in the USA as compared to Great Britain.

Cloud surfing 2A

Here are a few first impressions of what I have found so far:-

  • Most positively, publishing your thoughts on the internet is a new hobby for many elders;
  • You find some great examples of good writing and some brilliant photography;
  • Geneology features in quite a few blogs and shows how the internet is being used to allow people to explore their family history;
  • On the challenging side of later life, health issues feature quite prominently in a lot of peoples’ blogs;
  • Families and support from friends also feature quite frequently;
  • Most of all, you see great examples of people grasping the opportunity to learn new skills and seek new adventures.

Thank you Ronni Bennett for giving older people the chance to communicate their skills and wisdom around the world.  I have found lots of interesting reading and several inspiring stories of how older people have created a new life for themselves in retirement.  I’m still only half way through Ronni’s Elderblogs list, so I will continue my search in the following month and report back on what I find.

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1 Response to “Cloud Surfing – Time Goes By”

  1. Very interesting and thought provoking this ‘blog’. The american society of its elderly is facing the same problems as the european society, and in particular the UK.
    Families can be diverse, both in residency and actual fact.? The Euopoean and the Brits had their overseas territories, with all that that brought_ Hugh distances between family members and units, mixed marriages of both creed and colour,, and there again following ones dream! The Younger generation had to leave the nest and maybe travel for employment- not to the next village or town, but country or contient.
    America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was a destiny for many, with beautiful and diverse geological features and climate, and a hugh land mass to explore. Now in the dawn of the 21 st centurary, i get the feeling that they enjoy and revell in what we wish for ourselves, to belong, be loved, and have ones loved ones and friends close at hand, and be appriciated by the human race and society in general.
    America is a nations of nations, it is not the seas that seperate them but miles of countryside, with different communities scattered accross their domain, from Alaska, Hawaii, back to the Good old US Of A, and its former 13 states. America has grown, as we have? Our Empire is but a twinkle in someones eye now, but the family bonds and ties remain. We may see a common problem to be solved in the USA, and the America’s, and it is great to see and try to understand how they may resolve their personal problems of old age? But their problem is ours, and our heritage, we need people with vision to set alight the heart and visions of belonging to a social community, and to understand ourselves a little more. John Blog On, your thoughts and deeds are also mine, and I for one appriciate your leadership.
    ‘You old bag of wind’, but my bag of wind to be blown in the heavens and taken to where ever the dreams take one? One needs a little reality, but also as one grows older those dreams of childhood: what IF? and can I achieve them.

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