Molly’s Story – Childhood

Molly regularly attends the Cheylesmore Good Neighbours Group  in Coventry and has agreed to tell us some of her life story as a means of developing a model for a “Book of Life”.

The photographs and stories below are her recollections of life over 84 years. 

The full story will be published on GrumbleSmiles over the Christmas period. 

It makes wonderful reading and any errors in recording it are entirely mine.


  • Molly was born in Manchester on the 22nd December 1931, the daughter of a bricklayer.
  • She was adopted and moved to her new family in Lincoln. They lived at 12 Walcot Close, Hartsholme Estate, Lincoln where she was brought up.


  • As a girl, she was a Brownie and then a Girl Guide – her auntie was a guide leader.
  • She went on to become a Sea Ranger when she was 14 or 15 years old in Lincoln.  They learned all about knots and flags and they went on boats on the river in Lincoln.  They also used to go to Lincoln Cathedral on Remembrance Day and she said “they prayed they could do the collection so that they could get near to the scouts”.



This is Molly on the left with her friend Beryl in their Sea Ranger uniforms. 

Molly says “she was always in uniform”

Molly goes from one uniform to another in tomorrow’s episode!

 ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 176

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