“Bloggers Cramp”

There must be something called “Blogger’s Cramp” and I must have had it for a while.   Ideas pop in and out of my mind, but nothing provokes me into writing anything.

I must go to the doctor and see if he has a pill for it.   Then again perhaps not, after all, GP’s are so busy at the moment complaining about how busy they are.   They won’t have time for rare uncommunicable diseases.

Perhaps I could go to the local hospital, but I think the junior doctors are on strike about having to work weekends, so I would have to go as an emergency.    I don’t think  “Blogger’s Cramp” quite qualifies as an emergency.

Maybe I will call in at the local chemist and see what they have on their copious shelves of cures for absolutely everything.   Although I read recently that many of the small chemists are having to close down, due to all the cuts in Government subsidies.

There seems to be no refuge for someone with ” Blogger’s Cramp”.    I will just have to soldier on.

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9 Responses to “Bloggers Cramp”

  1. Gillian Farmer says:

    You may think you have Bloggers Cramp, but still a good sense of humour on today’s problems.

    • john graham says:

      Thank you Gill. If you don’t laugh when you get older, all you have left is to grumble.
      Fortunately, unlike most of the news media, GrumbleSmiles aims to turn grumbles into 😄😄😄😄😄😄.

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    Hi John – How can you have “Bloggers’ Block” this week when the most news-worthy story of all concerns the most well known organisation purporting to represent older people accused of ripping off those very people for its own financial gain? They are accused of promoting “as excellent value” an energy contract which costs over £200 more than the same firm’s best deal. Possibly this is because, for each customer signed up, they receive a commission. Hopefully the “Bloggers’ Block” will magically disappear quickly in time for a positive story about our favorite charity – AgeUK.

  3. reading this ‘blogg’ plus the responses. I do not think one has ‘bloggers block’ or even constipation, of the mind, all the ideas flow well, and coherently. The media these recent days are full of difficulties that face the older and aging population of the UK.
    One reads of negative interest rates for saving accounts, banks not able to float on the stock exchange due to a fall in initial proposed share price, and then the mining sector, and the possible return of some families in this industry who followed their hearts for a better life in Australia and Asia.
    Question are we all poor?? relatively to the richer among us, or is there cash/income floating around, which is not being used in a worldly wise way! but to service personal debt, which is all that governments and financial institutions wish us to become beholden too.
    Pure socialistic ideas for economic or employment opportunities, may if appropriate have to be invoked with rational, and reason, and a large modicum of fairness.
    One may realise shareholders of companies require to be rewarded for investing both time money, and beliefs in a stock market floatation or of anexisting share: However the Green eyed monster appears seems to be more interested in reward some obscure financial/investment package that appears more as a betting odds( backed by the high street bookies), and while this money has the capacity to be lost or gained in large amounts, no one appears to be encouraged to discuss and research, and invest in a smaller gain by regular persons doing an honest days work, or in the companies that hold these view and beliefs.
    WE all look out for our own :however we need to look out as a society, for the benefit of all of us within that society.
    The current Asia Minor problems, oil and green energy policies appear loom large at present, and we are being asked to support these alleged problems, and according to the media TV/Radio/press and an earlier ‘Blog’ on this site, that the UK government appear to wish us to give more to Charities, which follow the above ideals how UK Government can be seen to be more generous to the world at large and its problems? What we do not see is the correction factors to misappropriation of funds?? of the receivers of these monies!!!
    All is a large conumdrum, and little to smile about. I am old and becoming cynical: But I hope open to some opinions and ideas of a socially just UK Nation.( Not political dogma- but well meaning and thoughtful ideals)

  4. From ‘Blogger Cramp’ or should I say ‘CAMP??’, I am enjoying my surroundings, my mentors and companions, neighbours, and friends at this Extracare Charitable Trust Retirement village: I have the time to absorb the enuendous, that are flown as ‘Kites’ and suggested as ideas, It is all in the mind!!! The men in White coats and green Vans (Batern Burg-Designs) are never far away, but I do enjoy the saner moments in life, when some ‘OLD Dog’ rattles the bars, within the establishment, and that of the mind, to set us free for the day, to enjoy and return a welcoming smile or two to those loved ones who surround us and cacoon us from boredom. Good Morning to you all: who ever you are, or however you enlighten on this site and site of ‘Big Bad John’ Who lives at the bottom of this mine (Mind?). Remember the song of the 60’s

  5. davidwfreeman237 says:

    What a load of phiffle and cods wallop??

  6. Hi you old scallywag, mythusila-greek god? how are you keeping? Somewhere on this site 04 02 2010, I believe you made a blog? maybe your first, and then somewhere else I wished you happy birthday. It is all good fun- You have now grown older as I have: there is no ‘skpe’ on this site so it is just with imagination, I wonder at your words, and gaze towards the heavens, stars, and wonder at the roman and greek gods and wonder who you are and what do you look like? For instance are you sylthe like and a racing greyhound, dashing hither and thither, have you grown into a more enlighten gentleman, with a beard and a mind, like ‘ shakespeare’ or a romantic like ‘sir walter scott’, and question todays political elite with a razor sharp brain, and logical questions as to how the elder generation within the UK at this current time should be consulted for opinions and treated with respect, as to their collective viewpoints? I must admit I do huff and puff on your blog site; but you do set my heart a racing for a better understanding of the older and retired generation within the UK.
    With respect to the date 04 02 2010, I believe , I at least must offer you a birthday wish, whether it is for your first blog, or in fact it is an anniversary to be celebrated, with jelly and ice cream?
    Best wishes-David, and Molly.

  7. Now hear yeh, hear yeh!! draw nearer. Last night Molly and I went to the Dearngate Theatre in Northampton: This event was a ‘Strauss Concert’, absolutely absorbing, entertaining and enjoyable, no grumbles, just smiles all around.
    It is wonderful and relaxing to be taken out of this current world of ours with all its enuendo’s and politics, and just to enjoy life for livings sake. As I say a smile, just like this website can bring to one, if one is not too serious about ones self, and has thoughts for others, and how we may enjoy life as a coherent society??? Yes?? or is this another load of wet fish: straight from the docks., I wonder??

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