New Age Friendly Technology

Somewhere high up in the cloud, in my FlipBoard  magazines I found a really interesting article on simply designed tablet computer technology.    It was so interesting that I thought I would write a blog about it.   But you know what it is like trying to grab hold of a cloud😁

It was published in the Charlotte Times, reprinted from the New York Times.    Unfortunately you cannot get either one in Kilsby Village Shop on a Sunday morning.

All is not lost, I did manage to email a link  to myself.   Now I just need to figure out how to copy and paste it to this blog post 😩   That’s a bit beyond me this early in the morning.

Next I tapped another incomprehensible symbol or maybe it is an icon or an ikon.   Whichever!    It told me I could “reblog” the article directly from the cloud into my WordPress file.    Sounds easy  until you try to follow the instructions, then you realise every time you grab a cloud, it moves somewhere else 😁

It is tantalisingly close, but still out of reach.  Frustrating or what?

I remember the article was about GrandPad and Pilboxie.   So there is some point to this newspeak world of weird names, at least you can remember the names,  even if you have no idea what they mean.    You can Google the names and find out more, until I can complete my degree in WordPress and rescue them from the clouds

Soon the sun will come out and the clouds will disappear 😄😄😄😄  then I will reblog the original article.

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4 Responses to New Age Friendly Technology

  1. I ‘C’ we have been around the block, on our clouds, you with your clipboard, me with William Wordsworth in the lake district? Never mind it is spring and time for ‘doddy’s tickle stick’ to brush those cobwebs away. I cannot pretend to understand what emails you may send to your self, at this time of day (09:00) or any other time of the day. However my mind is in neutral, and I see your image in the mirror ? ”’Mirror, mirror, on the wall-who is the craziest of them all!!”
    I see clouds from that slightly blue haze from those who make blow smoke or smoke rings while smoking an occasional cigarette, as I may add ‘smoke gets in your eyes’ (Song By the Platters), and literally. My mind is a cloud of memories, one was while on a product tanker crossing the Atlantic, and approaching the West African Coast, there was a ‘ST Elmo’s fire’ at the top and around the forward mast of the vessel. A most impressive sight ‘static electrons playing like a ball of fire (Like a sparkler firework) around the mast top. When one stopped looking in amazement, one filled ones underpants, as just below the crown of the mast was the main cargo tanks vent outlet, connected to all the 18 cargo tanks, full of petroleum products (petrol/gasoline/ jet fuel/ and other high octane products)-16,000 Tons of it?
    With respect to some ‘hic’ village called Kilsby, I must admit if it sold the The ‘Charlotte or New York Times’, I would not be amazed or upset, the village is well and truly in the ‘PAST It’ category? I remember in my younger days as a professional marine survey being summoned to this part of the world to ‘Spillsby’ and examining a passenger barge on the Leicester arm of the Grand Union Canal, the only clouds I saw there were in the mind caused by the agricultural aromas caused by the droppings of the attendant farm animals? What a load of horse —–T and bull—t I am uttering. Never mind I am all clouded out, and need fresh air and forty winks to clear my souls and mind,
    As for the greater web, all I note are the early spiders spinning their personal webs in the hope of catching the unsuspecting prey!!

  2. I is here? where are you? I am contemplating my navel, drinking my lager and lime (” Heineken” the beer- with a dash of Roses lime juice that reaches other parts that normal beers cannot Reach-TV advert of the 70’s), and inhaling smoke from those Irish cigarettes my friends smoke ( ”Cloud” an oval cigarette packed in a pink packet and sold in Ireland by WD Wills and Co. Tobacco company, in packs of 12 maybe 15, not 20’s). And there again I could be on the ”weeds” and downing a shot or two?? What ever, I am on Cloud 9, or I am lost!
    From the blog comments above I am intrigued of Milton Keynes! Like you I tap an icon, and get led astray, both into a world I hardly know, or ”shark infested”’ waters of the less innocent of our community. Another ”cloud” approaching fast!
    I roam a little around the web world of today, and one interesting fact or comments I have picked up from my salty seadogs website, is that all though the sea dogs site has been running for some considerable amount of time (In excess of 8/10 years), free flowing comments in an organised, and logical fashion-subject for subject, the general comment is made that the ”OTHER Sites-Twitter and Facebook (and the like) are now commandeering/ cornering the market for free un- associated comments.
    The sea dog website as we all get older is loosing its charm/appeal/history/factual significance etc. It is all disturbing.
    While on Face book and similar social websites one can by acronym’s address the site- no real names! to protect the innocent, I ponder, not the fleeting comments good or bad, but the posterity to society.
    In days gone past one read a newspaper, book, periodical. or other printed medium, or engaged in conversation one to one with a telephone/fax/ or TV-Radio Channel. The point I wish to make is not that ‘BIG Brother ”’ is watching but that in time some old sage could quietly reflect in societal changes and attitudes and publish make Known antipodal evidence of the day, with a signature of real people. Please what happens to day? with the Social websites, say in 15 years time how will or who will collate digest and condense all the common known factors on a particular subject, and make them presentable for our children to learn for our misunderstandings/ miss giving’s, and our combined opinions of ”What is Good or bad about”’ about life in our times.
    Can you the reader answer this truthfully? I wonder???

  3. as my father would say,” Where are you? here you are, there you are gone??

  4. Hello Dher! This show ain’t half peculiar, Not funny HA HA!! but funny peculiar. Do I wear my rose coloured spectacles? Answers on a post card, please.

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