SCRAP Step 1 — Envelopes

Following on from my previous blogs, I am starting on the initial steps of my de-cluttering campaign.     Yes that’s right, it’s going to be a war !  (You can see my other blogs on this theme by clicking on “Clutter” in the TAG CLOUD).

I thought I should try to achieve some easy wins, so I began with my office.   It is untidy to say the least —- stacked high with papers, shelves of rarely referred to reference books, drawers full of age-old files and other drawers with every conceivable office accessory.     It’s a daunting place to start and I have had several goes at it before, usually as a result of a vainglorious New Years resolutions.

Whatever happened to the administrative revolution that was supposed to follow the advent of the computer age?   The paperless office seems to have passed me by.

My office has beaten me before so let’s try an even smaller step:-


step 1 – scope the problem :-

To start with I have 57 brown A4 envelopes which I must have been saving for a mass mail out I was planning to do when I retired six years ago, although I now cannot remember what on earth for.    Just in case I hadn’t got that much to say, I have a further  50 small brown envelopes.   For posher friends I use white envelopes, so that my mail doesn’t look like a tax demand, for them I have 540 self seal 110 x 220 mm envelopes.    Looking at the total number of envelopes I must have more  friends than I thought, but at least I will save on all that licking.   The cost of the postage alone would have been enough to bankrupt me!

I haven’t yet mentioned the 100 vellum laid cream envelopes with  peel and seal, which we use to match our cream headed note paper.   Nor should I forget the 30 or so assorted sizes of bubble-wrap lined envelopes, which we use for the occasional, very occasional, special package.

That is 777 envelopes all together

(* I didn’t really count all these envelopes, the numbers are my best guesstimates, but my managerial training taught me to measure everything.)


Perhaps I should say at this point, that I  haven’t sent a letter to anyone for years, except for a few Christmas cards, which come with their own individual envelopes.

I reckon if I keep an assortment of 20 envelopes that should last me for at least a year.

So has anybody got any good ideas for disposing of 757 envelopes ??????

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.


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6 Responses to SCRAP Step 1 — Envelopes

  1. Gillian J Farmer says:

    John why don’t you ask Daventry County Council for suggestions it may take their mind off the present campaign of sticking labels on wheelie bins relating to “food waste” and using your slop bin. Amazes me when the next county insists you use the garden bin for such items. In fact they may offer to take your envelopes to cut their administration costs!!

    • john graham says:

      I think Daventry Council would prefer me to keep my clutter otherwise I will be filling up all their rubbish tips. Perhaps I should suggest we have MORE wheelie bins. Certainly one for envelopes would be a good start, then the Council could recycle them to send out more information about recycling 😄

  2. Dear john, (I shed a tear for you, -my loved one), you bring out the mischief in me, and I look back at life and wonder ‘IF’?
    Are you the son of a bush baptist church minister, related to the catholic church, or even friends with the bishop of Coventry? My intuition is that you are none of these , but a wise old owl from Coventry Churches, who was at the inauguration of the ‘Extracare Charitable Trust’ That is honourable!! Sir:
    Now down to mischief, brown envelopes a vast supply of them, or even a greater multitude of white ones: My mind wanders aimlessly as to who or what you where, or who you are??
    Remember the days of a young blade, when facing the fresh faced female assistants in the chemist shops (If one was bald, or had forgotten to make a request to the barber) and asking for a packet of 3, being modest and not bragging a dozen was the number required! then one may have gone to a ‘mail order address, and placed the request, and the french letters came back in a brown envelope.
    That was those days now you with all those envelopes one should be enterprising, and as it is Christmas Time! a ‘SANTA CLaus’? May be to the horrors you know, you could send french letters in a brown envelope, or to each and every resident and friend of extracare, a condom in a white envelope, so we can celebrate a life past, with a loving memory, from a dry old stick?
    The vellum envelopes, are for St Peter, when he may later greet us at the pearly gates.

  3. 2 day 4 u the daily mail page 2 Thursday 15 December 2016, you require to hold a degree to enter the police force??? I just wonder how the vice chancellor at the university of life, seated at those ‘PEARLY GATES’ would like to greet us?? WE will have had the challenges of life itself !!!, maybe some with a parchment, and a title, or a degree, of a kind, however we will all have been lead through the Garden of Eden, and fate or each of us will have made our choices.. So sir what is this to do with you and your envelopes??? Well as we approach ST Peter and those ‘Pearly gates” may we all request a vellum envelope, to show as our key to the kingdom of heaven?
    For the policeman on the beat all I can say is know your neighbour, and earn that vellum envelope, and miss out on you gateway to ‘HADES’ and all that that can mean: alternatively you may take your current edition of the ‘daily mail’ and show what a good person you are?????

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