SCRAP Step 10 – Change and No Change

Today my de-cluttering quest led me to a tidy looking  blue ring binder file on the top shelf of the study alcove.   An easy place to be forgotten.

The only clue was the label — “Blogs”.    It was a relic of my early blogging days, when I used to collect newspaper cuttings to use as prompts for new blogs.     If I didn’t act on them straight away, I would put them in this blog file.     All neatly categorised into different sections, which corresponded with my blog topics list.  Each article was dated, referenced and then filed in a see-through wallet.

Where this system fell down was that I never went back to it.     So today.   The file is officially ‘clutter’ , —– only six years after its inception !

Here is a retrospective look at some of the collected, six-year-old headlines and how things have changed or not changed since :-

  • NURSING HOMES  “Southern Cross and Four Seasons nursing home groups both in financial trouble” —- I wrote extensively about this at the time ( you can see my posts by clicking on Southern Cross in the Tag Cloud). Since then the groups have been split up.   Many other residential and nursing homes have closed and a lot more are just struggling along.  The Government has cut funding for social care and introduced a higher minimum wage.  All of which seems to add pressure to the situation.   Only in the last few days a large number of hospitals’ emergency services are at crisis point, according to headline reports in the press.
  • PENSIONS   Lots of press articles about the inadequacy of pensioners’ savings.   (You can see all my posts about pensions by clicking on PENSIONS in the TAG CLOUD).    So what has been the Government’s response in the following six years ?  They destroyed final salary pension schemes by removing tax exemptions for pension providers and then they moved back the State retirement age towards seventy to lower the cost of pensions.   At the same time, the deterioration in the economy has meant that  annuity rates plummeted and interest rates on savings accounts are now down to almost zero !   How very helpful that is to pensioners who have saved all their lives in a pension scheme to cover the cost of their retirement!
  • N.H.S.    Frequent headlines about poor quality nursing care for older people, not enough doctors, bed-blocking older people because of nowhere to move on to and too many highly paid NHS managers.   (You can see all my posts on these issues by clicking on NHS in the TOPICS list).   Nothing much has changed since then, although there has been a significant increase in the number of retired people, particularly the over 80’s.   The result is that both the NHS and Social Services are stretched to breaking point.

What can I learn from this experience ?

  1. If you don’t do it today you probably won’t do it at all !
  2. Governments are pretty ineffective at dealing with the growing and increasingly frail population of older people.   At the same time they are paralysed into inaction for fear of losing the votes of older people.
  3. Older people are increasingly regarded as CLUTTER  by politicians but they dare not say so.

Has anybody got any good ideas on how to resolve this situation, so that older people are NOT regarded as clutter ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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5 Responses to SCRAP Step 10 – Change and No Change

  1. Well into the dragon’s den, with fire and brimstone! All of the above are true, we are half way or heading half way through a parliamentry period-before the next election, with a nominated Prime Minister- My question is is SHE; a man for all seasons?
    I am one of the older folk, i am reasonably heathy, fit and to some wealthy and wise, and to my person gratitute have been served by the NHS ( Not dental services- for which I must pay to follow my tooth fairy), with respect, and kindness. I have attended A&E at the local hospital with friends, Time is not a money saver for me; I do have the time being retired 70+,: However A&E are overwhelmed with different categories of ailments, some are the old, and maybe they do bed block, and we need as a nation to go back to the idea of ‘cottage hospitals in Local communities?
    The greater concern with the elderly and the start of the rot with Southern Cross is retirement/care and nursing homes, are these infacto the surviours of this crisis being used as respite/cottage hospitals??/ We can all throw stones-how true is this scenario??? The new definition for a nursing home is now I understand is ”a care home” does this mean Nursing staff? or support workers?? What is the training and diference between and nurse (SRN as I understand- and or a support worker NVQ 3 Level and above).??
    What is the definition in todays language of a Rest/residential home, and what level of nursing care do they or are they required to offer??? Answers on a post card Please!!
    It is all a minefield, and what do us oldies expect then maybe deserve? from the younger generations (Immigrantion lead?) and our own Political Masters? Or is that the men in Grey suits from whitehall? It is all a shambles. I feel we need clear and precise vision with a human touch and a good dose of compassion.
    Keep Thumping the drum Mac Tavish, and standing out alone, the subjects are ‘Hot To Trot’ but where are or is the will and the minds and resolve to offer some crumbs of comfort??? We still need to respect each other and have tolerance, and not the ME ME Me syndrome, someone somewhere has to bare the burden and pay the going price?? What we need are leaders of vison, and not alcholic ones.
    My next gripe may follow later-John has bitten me on the bum!! By god! sir!

  2. Another load of roast chestnuts? Is it a fact that the majority of the older population within the UK, are asset rich and cash poor? How does the government and society within the UK square this circle?
    If this scenario is true then with the newspaper headlines of a poor British old age population living in poverty, un healthy accommodation/housing, alone and unable to provide for them selves a beneficial way of living, with mobility and support., and all dwelling in social or council housing?
    The concept is that social housing is for the poor, unkept and poor? is this true?
    Some of the media would make the complaint that social housing was occupied by families and persons earning a respectable living/earning capacity with pensions to match, such that they have a good but not excessive standard of living. One has to be careful how one bandies around the poor/middle/and so called upper classes bands, so that we may all understand what is required by the needy, and how the rest of UK society can be self sufficient, and yet compassionate enough to help aid the unfortunates in society,and yet have or earn through hard work and integrity to be independent themselves as par as is possible from the state and support (charity- in its widest sense).
    Money is round to go around an old saying goes, we all need to share the pie?

  3. Amongst all this doom and gloom and wise thinking, we have the Extracare Charatable Trust concept of a Retirement Village? Have you been peeping, is this a concept you may wish to encourage.

  4. Again on this subject of housing for the eldrly, are the modern developments by such associations as Macarthy stone/Hanover Housing, and other housing associations, then you have the developers like Audrey Housing and their retirement apartments, and I suspect a few more? It is what suits the persons, and the agreement that they may come too to house the elderly.
    It is all life’s lottery, and with the prediction of a boom in elderly housing requirements in 2050, what of investments for the property tycoon or company? How do they ensure or insure ( reassurance or insure) that they will get the market return on their invested capital? How long is old age after the boom of 2050, and our modern today’s thinking of immigration policy to obtain a younger more vibrant population for the UKPLC.!! What type of housing then in +2050 will be required? a family house I suspect not a one or two bedroom retirement condo in a complex? That is 3 to 4 bedroom housing with open land for the children to play and develop.?
    WE need the grey suits in whitehall to be wise and advise our political masters in a worldly manner, such that we all have something to look forward too. Mine will be daises growing over my grave stone. but I trust and hope I will have done my bit shouting for UKPLC.

  5. ps are we the elderly clutter, like waste bits of paper fluttering in the breeze on the wind?? One thing is we have plenty of breath and wisdom to speak some home truths, we are not the wasted old farts some may like to see us as? a bygone era ‘gone with and full of the wind’!!!!

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