SCRAP Step 12 – Medication

Our house must be a very dangerous place to live in, judging by all the medication scattered all around the house.  It’s sort of scattered clutter.   You can find it In bathroom cabinets when you want cracked skin cream after a shave or a shower; in bedrooms  there are pills for headaches after reading at bed time, in the lounge there are pills for more headaches watching the TV ; in the kitchen drawer there are plasters and ointments to patch me up for when I cut myself in the garden.   Then we have a main store of drugs in one of the kitchen cupboards for every possible accident or incident —- from sun burn to frostbite, from bee stings to backache —- you name it we have probably ot it.   We could open a branch of Boots the Chemist or maybe set up an A & E department in Kilsby.


Many of these medications are old and probably ineffective by now.    They were bought or prescribed for a one off illness years ago, but we keep them “just in case” of a recurring epidemic.    We also have lots of duplicated  pills, plasters and potions because ” you never know when you might need one when all the shops are closed”.

There is only one problem with this medical cornucopia, that is finding the right pill or potion when you want it 😡

Has anybody got any good ideas ???

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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2 Responses to SCRAP Step 12 – Medication

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Well, it is good to see you Dear John “turn over the straw” out with the old in with the new, that includes pills and potions and those ailments one gets as one grows a little older. Well Hush my moth, I note we have a blogger from the other side of the ‘Pond’ New I do believe.
    I just wonder as you/we reflect our forthcoming dementia and Alzheimer, what we used to have, or the places we had for five minutes think of home??
    Think of that swinging chain, the early frosty mornings walk to the nettie (Outside LOO), and then the five minutes with the old news print, before we consigned it to the midden. Great!! How about our American friends bloggers was their youth straight forward? did they have a running water closet, or where they like our antipodean cousins all ways carrying a spade in their back pack, ready for that occasion, using afterwards a ‘swans neck or a tuft of grass’ ?/ men were men in these days! not bingo players shaking the odd bottle of pills or potion until they called house!! When they had succeeded in finding the right cure? Men of iron! with rust stained undies???
    I must admit I do prattle on, but my mind is active with all these thoughts, and Mo;s comments, John,s memoirs, and TOM’s cartoons, they engender mischief and memories in lots of ways.
    By the way I was never on a clipper and sat on the bowsprit guy-wires doing my morning ‘thoughts for the day’ as I understand ‘Nelsons Sailors did? But then that is a different story and era! I am trams, old busses and steam trains when I drift back to childhood, remembering the comfort of my parents house, with the nettie???

  2. A conundrum I wish to suggest for the New Year 2017?
    “What has A Pantomime? Coventry Churches Housing Association! The Extracare Charitable Trust of Coventry, and Lovat Fields! And Kilsby Have in common???”
    On no they have not! Oh Yes they Have! Infinitum, and which way did he go? That way?? No this way??
    The answer as far as I am concerned-A ‘vision and a Dream’ by John Graham and his colleagues in the 1990’s. I believe I am still living that dream, and I still have my vision for a good life in retirement.
    At Lovat as I sat in on the “Puss in BOOTS” pantomime rehearsal, under the direction of our theatrical maestro/wardrobe mistress/ costume designer and all round ‘Good Egg’ Rosemary, with the help of Barry stage manager and crew, back stage and front of house prompting, music/sound effects/lighting/curtains, and the general auditorium staff, not forgetting the “Actors, Players and children” and off course the audience? Who? You? You and one and all are most welcome!
    A most invigorating turn out for this pantomime, by the whole village at Lovat both residents/friends and staff, just what I remember John used to encourage, and was often quoted as saying retirement is for fun and enjoyment, and then John was often amused, surprised at what old “codgers” could actually do when encouraged and supported with enthusiasm.
    Dear John, thank you, and Mo I hope you house is full of pantomime and drama, while John declutters.
    I must acknowledge the support from our village manager Anna, and Extracare in sending ‘IAN’ the in house photographer (Many a year following the villages of the Extracare Charitable Trust) who has committed our sins to memories to pictures on paper.
    “Oh yes it is Pantomime season” I must away our show is this weekend! Does “Puss” win the heart of the audience? I hope so?

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