SCRAP Step 19 – Computer Stuff

I am back to de-cluttering today.   This may get very technical, but I will try and explain it simply.

Every computer geek has an accumulation of wires and cables  and things.   It’s the modern equivalent of the box of paper clips, pins and elastic bands in the paperful office.    Now I am a computer geek I have  both.     ( See my earlier posts on how I graduated to become a computer whizz kid by clicking on ” Old Geek” in the Tag Cloud )

These computer gubbins are stuffed behind the computer —- and behind the printer —- and at the back of the TV screen (sorry monitor) —–and carefully scattered in a tangled ball of wires under the desk.   In many cases I don’t know what they are exactly, they were just left over after all my computer equipment was installed.   I don’t know how my computer works without them, it just does.   Sort of like a jigsaw with one piece left when you’ve  finished.    Confusing isn’t it and annoying.  But that’s just part of becoming a computer geek.


Now to the technical bit and I will explain slowly :-

  • Scat cables or is it scart cables ? —- you needs lots of them with all different lengths and varieties of plugs on the end.   Think of them as string — they connect things together.   Try all of them until one fits and then that’s probably the right one — as long as it fits to some thing else.     Although sometimes you have to fit one scat cable to another scart cable first.
  • Mice —- now generally it is not good to have mice in your office, but in these geeky times you have to have a few.    In the early days  I had a mouse with a long tail that connected it to the computer, so it didn’t get lost.   These days I have a wireless mouse that can hide under all the paperwork on my desk.   I suspect that’s why everyone wants a paperless office.    You are also supposed to have mouse mats, so the pesky little things can wipe their feet.   Next thing you know they will have to have batteries as well.
  • You never want to run out of printer ink so always have some spare cartridges around. Not the gun type, the very expensive, unique to your printer, only bought in India type. Maybe it is the original Indian ink?  And don’t forget you will need colour cartridges too.   You will probably end up with lots of spares, because they never run out at the same time.   Also they are a bit like light bulbs, you often buy the wrong ones 😟
  • Floppy discs, now there’s a thing, because they are not floppy any more and just to confuse you they have morphed into  C.D.’s and memory sticks.   So you will probably have lots of them by now.  The earliest ones may not fit into your computer and definitely don’t work on an iPad.    Don’t throw any of them away, because you don’t know who might find them and expose your inner secrets on Facebook or Instagram or twitter or something.    You have to be so careful with old computer stuff which is why your office gets cluttered up.
  • In the olden days you used to get user manuals with each new piece of computer equipment and I have quite a few.   They are  printed in at least 10 different languages and very small print.    Either way it doesn’t matter, because they are completely incomprehensible.  These days the user guides are all on-line, which saves on clutter, but is difficult if you can’t connect up your computer in the first place.

Welcome to the world of computers :-).

It’s a world where things become obsolete more quickly than ever.  A year is a long time in the product life cycle of computer equipment.  So what on earth do we do with the old stuff?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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4 Responses to SCRAP Step 19 – Computer Stuff

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Alas dear romans! Lend me your ears and eyes; I come to bury Caesar not to praise him??
    This last post and the cartoon by Tom, has my mind and imagery of you Dear John up the pole, unemployed, and the entrepreneur dead within you? When in fact you have the world at your feet?
    I see you with all these cables/Tw’s-monitors, mice and floppy discs, with the empty printer ink cartridges, in some shady corner in Warwickshire, and a registered address in companies house, somewhere in the West African Hinterland, being a mystro of sales, and recycling i.e. ‘You Have morphed into a ‘’Rag and Bone Man’’.
    The electrical cables and gizmo’s you could collect and strip of their copper content, precious metals, and plastics and make a living at it? No more nights on the main line stealing and stripping signalling cables for that ‘bob’ or two? What I am not sure about, is if these cables are glass fibre what their second hand market value/worth?? Except for the plastic coating in the recycling sense.
    As to the floppy discs in your registered office in West Africa, you could work for MI5 or MI6, or indeed the black-market selling secrets to foreign bodies and unscrupulous state intelligence operatives, and then when wiped clean sell on from your rag and bone cart the cleansed disk to the ‘geek’ and officenardo of the computer /Video recording world.
    You complain about manuals, have you for gotten your pension book in all this upheaval? Have you thrown out the baby with the bath water, and that ‘Thursday’ morning hike to the local Post Office for that weekly pension?? Again the printed word can be recycled? Go On Do It!
    Back to Walt’s and Georges BOOK one of the first chapters ‘Chucket It’ but being the wise old owl you are! Please do it at a profit, or for a benefit, and spare a thought for the other old codgers with-in UKplc.???
    P.S What is the name of your horse pulling this rag and bone cart around the streets (Please), I hope you have thought about this, and it is not named it after the one you love, and cherish!

    • john graham says:

      That is a great response. I must admit I had never thought of myself as a rag and bone man but I am sure it would be an enjoyable end to my career. I think my horse would have to be called ” Clutter “, that seems fitting somehow😀
      I will have to clear out one of my garden sheds and turn it into a stable, then maybe three kings might come along with presents from afar. I would also have plenty of manure for the garden.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The shed
    Dear fellow web browser-John? It is that time of the year: mad march hares; ides of March; Easter with reverence a maybe a little chocolate, and then something else, sir? as the ‘barber would ask politely as he finished cutting one hair style?
    Were you somewhere on these pages a ’venture scout’? Remember:
    Those shiny shoes, brown long socks with green garter tabs, those knobbly knees or did one wear those un manly long short- short trousers that broke beneath the knee cap, the scout belt and its uncomfortable buckle, the required brown scout shirt showing all the proficiency badges one had attained throughout ones time in the scouting movement, the Necker chief and regulation ‘woggle’ (unless you had been to Gill well and then it was ‘That woggle-???Knot). Then to cap it all a traditional brown felt rangers/Mounties broad brimmed hat with leather chin strap. Now do you feel dressed?? I feel better! I have the image of one/you!
    Why all this diatribe, well this time of the year as Easter approaches, and your above blog I have two things on my mind:
    1 Your Garden shed-man cave, and,
    2 ‘Bob a job’ week, remember
    With all the younger generation in your neighbourhood, you could with ‘‘MO’s’’ blessing ‘Bottom the Man Cave’ with the help of cubs, scouts, beavers and maybe brownies, guides and rangers, for the cost of a big bottle of lemonade/coke, and a few ‘BOB’ thrown in- do not forget to sign the job card.
    By the way they would be tickled pink to learn your scout name?? What is it?? At my first scout camp all first timers were baptised and ducked into a pond or river, and given a scout name! Mine was ‘Bullfrog’ because I made too much noise!
    Our Scout troop leader was named ‘OTTER’, and he helped me swim through life, with all my fellow scouts. John you will if you have ‘bob a job week’ and clean the man cave (Garden shed out) to Mo’s satisfaction have achieved a personal best? And the first 4 chapters of Walt’s and Georges Book, and the last chapter ‘’Tucket’’ while you rock gently on your front porch dreaming and drinking a refreshment, sitting in your ‘rocking chair’ Poor Old Bugger????? Comes to mind.

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