SCRAP Step 20 – Kitchen Wine Rack

Today’s de-cluttering task is in the kitchen, with the one item of equipment that I claim responsibility for — the wine rack.    It has been specially made to fit at the end of the island work top.   It was carefully crafted in oak with a  top drawer above a rack 6 bottles wide by 8 bottles high.    It is used a lot and needs to be a paragon of kitchen efficiency.     So it is a shame that the drawer sticks when you try to close it.   It is also a pity that the 48 spaces in the rack never seem to be enough.     There is always  an overspill of extra bottles on the floor at the side of the rack, ideally placed for tripping over.

So today I am going to apply all of my kitchen ergonomic skills.   Not that I have any, but it sounds good 😀   With a few key questions :-

  •  What do we use most frequently in the rack ? —- Mo’s white wine, followed by much lower quantities of my red wine.
  • What else is in the rack ? —-  more  white and red wine that we rarely consume, so they rest there adding clutter-years to their vintage
  • Anything else ? —- a bottle of Marsala that I bought once, years ago, to make Zabagleone and never did; bottles of tonic water for any frequent gin drinkers that drop by.
  • And ?  —- no beer, because it’s a wine rack.   Even though I drink it quite often with meals.   Anyway it is  much more convenient to walk to the far end of the house every time.
  • What spills over on the floor ? —- large and small bottles of sparkling water which we use more frequently than all the wine.    We are a very sober family really.     Honest.

So here is my ergonomically considered re-design :-

  • tonics, etc, but definitely no Marsala.
  • another row of beer.
  • a row of beer.
  • a row of red wine.
  • a row of other white wine.
  • a row of Mo’s white wine.
  • a top row of sparkling water.
  • More water.


You may have noticed by now that I haven’t done any de-cluttering in the form of disposing.    This time I am just re-organising 😀   Which is what you do when booze is involved.   It is far too valuable to throw away, so you buy yourself time until you can consume it.

There must be a better idea for dealing with how to store excess booze.    Any inspiring ideas ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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4 Responses to SCRAP Step 20 – Kitchen Wine Rack

  1. Mo Graham says:

    My suggestion for storing all your excess bottles of booze John (Yes, your booze – we have far more bottles of your red than my white!)?

    Simple. We should move and buy a bigger house. One with a proper wine cellar in the basement.

    Failing that, will you please just stick to your de-cluttering and forget about mooching about the house to see what you can ‘re-organise’ next. Your zeal for change is making me very nervous😳

    • john graham says:

      Moving house to get a big cellar is a bit radical don’t you think, just to get even more bottles of vino.
      Reorganising is a natural follow on from all this extra space I am creating. It is an opportunity to simplify our lives around the house. Or at least to not be killed by an avalanche of stuff falling out of cupboards 😀
      By the way, it only works if you don’t buy more stuff !

    • by the way MO are you my ‘Jerrimy Cricket’ or Ultra ego? John seems perplexed, but you have I suspect a clear head!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am intrigued? and again my mind is up to mischief!.
    Mo’s comment a larger house with a wine cellar, I note John in his piece walks to the other end of the house for a beer? We now have a large kitchen, a long hall, and some thing at the end of a long hall- More rooms may I suggest with respect??. And Yet Mo you wish for a larger house? for whom and for what?? are you feeling alone in the house while John plays housey housey, and you are waiting for him to shout ‘HOUSE’, and then you are able to resort to some sort of normality? ( Ps a line, four corners, diagonal line, vertial/horizontal line or just a full house, with all his marbles in tact?, and his pockets empty of all that loose change? that he paid to enter the game)
    I note the choice of different types of ‘Plonk’ Elderado de Vino, red white or rose’a, and the bottles of fizz, but one has within the kitchen the tap of ‘adams ale’ or is the Vale Of Belvior not what it was for the conisourre of pure waters adulterated with the doses of modern chemical treatments for supposedly health teeth, or does John just bark these days instead of biting?
    The occasional reader such as I, notes John has done no such thing as positive ‘DE-Cluttering’ but a lot of posturing from his throne room, in the ‘Nettie’ or back yard where he can talk to himself to his hearts content.
    At least you are not on the methys, or sniffing the weed.
    The wine rack appear to be a thing of beauty and a piece of furniture as a stand alone item, I just wonder if you John still have your ‘top draw at home?’ or are you going down that road of ‘Nine pence to the shilling,, and waiting for the three quacks and men in white coats?? As you can see I have no positive comments to make, only mischief, and i trust, with a sense of ???? What ever you may think of me! quack quack, quack Quackers.

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