SCRAP Step 22 Cleaning Materials

It is March and I am forging on with my de-cluttering with some spring cleaning.      You would think with all this clutter we might have a cleaning problem, but as they say “ours is a clean house ours is”.

In fact, I don’t know how any germs dare come in.     We have an arsenal of weapons to combat the war against every speck of dust —-every insect that might darken our door —- all the new streptococcus lying in wait for a chance to strike you down —- and even me should I ever step across the threshold in my muddy boots.

The major defensive strong hold is the cupboard under the kitchen sink.   I hardly dare open the door.   Every time I do, a platoon of aerosols falls out ready to blast you with disinfectant, or splatter your trousers with bleach, which is probably why all chiefs wear white aprons.    It could be worse, the bug killers don’t taste at all good if you approach the cupboard with your mouth open.   In fact it is wise to use a mask!     There again, on a good day if you are lucky one slight move and you could  be showered with Fabreeze orange blossom fabric spray.


I haven’t even mentioned the additional emergency supplies we have in the downstairs toilet and in the upstairs bathrooms.   There we have a reservoir of thin and thick bleaches big enough to wipe out an epidemic of global proportions.   There will be no outbreak of bubonic plague in our house.

Finally in every corner of every room we have movement sensor sprays ready to annihilate any bug that dares show it head.  And make me a nervous  wreck each time I move from room to room !

There must be a better idea to reduce the clutter of cleaning materials.     Any inspiring ideas ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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2 Responses to SCRAP Step 22 Cleaning Materials

  1. Mo Graham says:

    The amount of duplicated cleaning equipment in each appropriate room is a simple matter of Time and Motion John (remember that old fashioned business method, very much in vogue in factories and offices back in the day?). It saves me time carrying a load of stuff from room to room when I’m about my house wifely tasks and then having to return it to a central ‘store’ when I’ve finished.

    By the way, your quote in the first para of this blog reminded me of a little rhyme my dad used to sing to my brother and I when we were small. It goes like this:

    Ours is a nice house ours is.
    It’s got no cats nor mouses.
    Cheap! cheap!
    Thirty Bob a week.
    Ours is a nice house ous is…

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Dear John, it is obvious from your ‘blog’, and Mo’s response that your right elbow does not do enough exercises of the right kind! and you have suffered a blast in your ‘Earholes’? Well come to the world of domestic bliss!
    I have however one more suggestion for the wounded tiger that you are, and that is to open your eyes to the cleaning materials you have noted, and remember what they are for? Then you open Walts and Georges Book on the chapter of I think “Trucket” and then “Tucket”, why you may ask? I respond with respect look back on ones life and those younger days, setting up home, going to the Co-Op for the weekly shop/rations, and the trail home on the bus or walking with all those heavy bags (TRUCKET what I would call duty and determination-true Grit as John Wayne gallops accross the western world in a horse opera (I digress!). Now then at this stage of ones life, remember grannies, brass wear, and the ‘silvo’ or ‘brasso’ polishes with which every saturday morning your task was to polish the brass and silver? or where you given that beeswax to polish the chairs and table furniture, and off course the domestos for the ”nettie” your place of retreat, for peace and quiet: Or again at home as a growing adult or first married was it your job to light the fire if it had not been ‘banked’ or one could not afford the coal, for the water to be heated in the back boiler? And again did one for Mum when one doing these duties fire black the stove, so all the chrome shone in pristine condition? I wonder? All of these memories some are hard won, i suggest you put into ”tucket” choice and cherish memories not only of ones tasks;but the people and loved ones who gave you these tasks. One or two persons are missing together withe the cleaning products one could purchase weekly on the ;Never Never! Remember the ‘Betterware’ , or their rivals the’ Kleeneazy’ door to door salespersons.
    AS for the fly spray the aerosol is a fairly new fangled piece of kit in our day grannie or mum had the brown paper fly paper hanging from the centre lamp cable, or and a jam jar with sugary water in it on the window sill to attract the wasps, and bluebottles, and of course the rolled up ‘Daily herald’ as a fly swat,(should one not have the desired/designed article?).
    It is all in the mind Dear John, you must pay attention to MO, and retire to your rocking chair on the porch, and smoke your ‘spiff’ and dream!!!
    Just one last thought the chalk one marked out the ‘Hopscotch’ squares in the pavement, and played with ones siblings and friends, and MUMs/grannies tablet/block for cleaning the steps, and when finished putting a boarder around the edge of each step up to the front porch/door: It is all there is one tries John those tins/aerosols are or maybe relative cheap, but I suggest they hold many a golden moment.

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