SCRAP Step 24 – Cards

Today  I am sorting a drawer full of cards that my wife Mo buys with her shopaholic skills —– everywhere she goes.

Mo has cards for every occasion  :-

  • Birthdays —  from giving birth, to first baby, grandson, granddaughter, then onto family members too many to mention but in all enough cards for a lifetime;
  • Moving on to the less fortunate we have lots of ‘ Get Well Soon ‘ cards and if that doesn’t work, we have ‘ Deepest Sympathy ‘  cards for the bereaved relatives;
  • Wedding Anniversary’s feature largely in Mo’s card collection, unfortunately living-in-sin and divorce have overtaken the need for most of these;
  • Finally, we have Christmas cards — the unused ones from last year   and the year before and the year before that year and so on.    The ones that you can’t send again because people will remember them.

Now I have to confess our clutter of cards is not all down to Mo.   I have a large accumulation of cards myself, which I have kept occupying a space on a shelf in the study for the six years since I retired.     When I was at work at the ExtraCare Charitable Trust, I regularly used to send cards to residents, volunteers and staff to thank them for something special that they had done.  I would often bump into people years later and they would thank me for the cards I had sent them.


So one idea to use up the cards that I still have would be to send cards to the many people that I haven’t been in contact with since I retired to wish them all the best and invite them to comment on my GrumbleSmiles blogs and my efforts with de-cluttering.

Has anybody got any better ideas on how to use the many other cards that I have which otherwise will not likely to be used in my lifetime?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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2 Responses to SCRAP Step 24 – Cards

  1. Mo Graham says:

    Mea culpa. Sorry, John 😘

    I can’t resist buying pretty or unusual cards whenever I see one that takes my fancy – whether I need it for an upcoming event at the time or not. I sort of collect them. (Just call it another of my endearing little traits!). But look on the bright side – we never get caught out at the last minute not having an appropriate card to send to someone, do we😀?

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      Mo , dear John, while you submit:Meekly? I believe the lad is walking on water, fire, broken glass, and thin ice?
      he may be brave in purchasing these various cards on your behalf: How ever I wish to shoot an arrow, which does he really keep? those from a loved one, and cheerished one, for that special birthday, anniversary, maybe not valentines days-but I should press him. Molly and I look each other in the eye, and mutually agree to the special occasion.
      As a ‘nerd’ I still have tucked away in some far off envelope my retirement cards, and the memory of forgotten colleagues,(some rouges some scallyways, but all are memories to cheerish in my days in the ‘rocker’ on the porch, with my shandy.
      I suspect John has lots of those business cards, our youger generation use those, and the plastic store cards in their toys tills, as credit rewarding, and purchasing power. It is never to late to teach the young ones the value of a hard won penny, through hard work, and the love of a ‘good’ woman, and in the bosom of a family.,

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