SCRAP Step 29 Clutter Census

I have had an idea that might help me with my decluttering and it is one that I haven’t seen in Walt and George’s book.    I have always liked numbers. — facts and figures — and my management experience tells me you need the facts to measure improvement.   It sounds a bit crazy but here goes l will give it a try 😀

  • CHAIRS —-  We have 25 all around the house and only 2 bums !
  • CUSHIONS — 2 heads and 65 cushions ( not counting pillows ! )
  • CUPBOARDS. — 23 cupboards  stocked to the gunnels ( I knew we had too many gunnels )  excluding my walk-in wardrobe and the sheds in the garden.

hope I am not getting too obsessive about this !  Maybe I have got a clutter disorder after all ?  Still I won’t need to go to the doctor again.  We must have enough pills around the house.    Somewhere.  But WHERE ?

  • BOXES & CHESTS —  47 rarely ever opened goodness knows what secrets they hide ?  Hopefully they don’t contain 16 men but the bottle of rum might come in handy 😀   Contents
  • DRAWERS —-  54 usually full to the brim sometimes to sticking point.

OK that’s enough counting for now.   It just tells me there is a long way still to go !    Probably at this point I should go on to develop some Key Performance Indicators  and draw a few graphs.    

  • Cushions per room is an obvious one.   In fact why can’t we do with just a cushion each and move them around room to room?
  • Drawer utilisation percentage.  After which you have to throw things away!
  • Maximum wardrobe capacity indicator.   Traffic lights which tell you when you can buy more clothes would be helpful to Mo 😀

Although may that is going a bit too far   🤓

I wonder what my Doctor would think if I turned up at the surgery with a load of clutter graphs and asked him “What are the optimum number of cushions per bum ?”

Has anybody got any better ideas for our excessive collection of cushions?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.


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5 Responses to SCRAP Step 29 Clutter Census

  1. A cushion solution – pile them all in one corner to form a crash pad, a bit like a beanbag chair for young visitors to land on and occupy themselves with their smart phones while the elders are having a decent conversation in the room.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks George, your obviously an early riser😀 I would have to start building an extension at the end of the house first, there is not much room left in the house. Or maybe it would be better to use a garden shed for the crash pad.
      On second thoughts, I am not sure Mo would be happy to have all her lovely cushions consigned to my even my best shed, although I have just re-roofed it and painted it inside. The children’s parents may not be delighted either, because the sheds do get a bit damp and cold in the winter.

  2. Mo Graham says:

    Or he could claim fifty percent of them George and pile them up in one of his sheds so he’ll be more comfortable living out there when I finally loose patience with all this mooching around the house he’s currently obsessed with.

    ( And as you like facts and figures so much John, perhaps you should seriously consider writing a Risk Assessment paper linked to a Relationship Indicator before considering your next move on the decluttering front 🙄 )

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    here here! lad: where have you been? You take me back to that rackish living as a student, and a young man fighting academia for that learning and understanding, ; that one is enlightened with to fight the good fight of life?
    Firstly call in the Sally Army, let them play some wonderful tune such as (If my memory serves me right ‘ God/Jesus needs/wants me for a sunbeam’? while one reflects pensively on cushions laid out on the floor in the lounge, Listening to the music on the radio/record player/cd player, or by personal invite” into the garden (Maud?)”.
    Why all this this is just to get you to engage brain for a few seconds! A bum has two cheeks, are you that sylph like that one cushion will do? Next the facts and figures; here you have rattled my cage, and I am surprised with your training in architecture/accounts, and you are for ever quoting statics?
    I go back to my student days, and am reminded of the laws and quotations, and rules of mathematics. Statistics was like trying to learn hydraulic engineering, every page in the text book had a new but separate formula/and formuli to learn for each application, there again the principles of mathematics-add/subtract/multiply and divide/fractions and ratio’s? that was enough then the next lessons trigonometry, areas/volumes, and do not forget the percentages.
    I am on a good rant here! and enjoying it then there was the coo de grass Calculu!s/differentiation, and if one was able and alert double differentiation!!!
    Now the as the old fella about the house have you applied all your knowledge, and devoted time into why when you move around the house, you may quantify what and where all furnishings, and soft furnishing go according to ‘Newtons Law’ on the apple, or if you must Newtons law on motion.??? You may need those beavers/cubs/s scouts/brownies and guides, to rerarrange your house and abode and organise a field day to the front gate set up a table, and have a BOOFF day to any passing traveller, donating the funds to be split, between, Sally army for making one dream one is a ‘sunbeam’. the youth movements for doing something practical, and MO for being so understanding, You could offer MO a free cup of refreshment next time you are together in Waitrose/John Lewis on your club card (You tight get?)
    Do not sell your rocker on the porch, you may need that to refresh other parts, that George and walts book have not touched yet? You are getting there John, it is like life rich pattern, a ”path to be followed or and trodden”
    ps do not forget the pennies in one pocket, here one needs realisation on how earnest one has worked for one reward???

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    As a past mariner I note the various cupboards are full to the gunnels, causing a sinking ship to be awash as it goes down into ‘davy jones locker’ under with all the weight of its treasure, and memories, plus may one add ”JUNK”? another vessel sinking fast, in the vastness of this oceanic tale.

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