Bunk Up in NHS Hospitals.

The annual winter crisis in the NHS is looming.     Headlines are already beginning to appear in the press and on the news :-

  • “Beds blocked by hoards of older people overstaying  their welcome”
  • “Too few nurses,  too busy to provide proper care”
  • “Junior Doctor left to provide medical support for hundreds of older people”
  • “Patients waiting 24 hours on trolleys in A&E before they can get a bed”
  • “New flu bug expected as a cold front moves in from the west”
  • “Government creates new ‘ one day and away ‘  rule to speed up hospital discharge”

I have to admit I made a few of these up, but I am sure you will see them soon 😀😩

In the meantime a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, points out that the beds in the NHS have been reduced from 299,000 in 1987 to  142,000 in 2017.   There’s progress for you !      Especially when the number of older people has dramatically increased during that time.

According to the report, Britain now has 2.6 hospital beds per 1,000 people, compared with Japan at 13.2, Russia at 8.5, Germany at 8.1 and France at 6.1.

Not to worry I have a simple and cheap solution.   BUNK BEDS !   We could double our number of hospital beds in a matter of days with an express delivery from Ikea.    Why didn’t anybody think of it before?

Oh and if there are still a few patients left on trolleys the NHS  could book RyanAir flights to Japan and Russia and help them fill up their spare beds 😀

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1 Response to Bunk Up in NHS Hospitals.

  1. david w freeman says:

    I have an alternative solution- How about a roll up hammock, that can be strung from hand rail to hand rail, or pillar to post in the alleyways and anywhere convenient: As some one of importance once is alleged to have said ‘Pick up thou bed and walk’?.
    We all need a misaire with a vision of what can be attained, with bunk beds for the onlookers?

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