Social Care Funding Going Nowhere.

A crisis in social has been building up for years and at its heart are two questions :- “Who is going to pay for it?” and “Where is the money going to come from?”.

At the start of this decade the Cameron Government initially postponed the issue by commissioning the Dilnot report and then eventually half-heartedly adopted some of his proposals.

Meanwhile Ed Miliband in opposition had already suggested putting a charge on people’s property, but this was quickly dropped after it was labelled a “Death Tax”.

Most recently in Theresa May’s election run up earlier this year she proposed a cap on Government funding of Care home and domiciliary support.  This was ditched even before the election took place as soon as it was called a “Dementia Tax”.

The latest attempt at broaching the subject was a proposal at a fringe meeting at the Conservative party conference that older people should be looked after by their children.   Later this was supplemented which the sweetener that there could be a tax rebate for carers.

Ironically all of these proposals had some merit, but each was howled down in the media and rapidly reversed by the politicians for fear of losing the elderly vote.

What is clear is the politicians don’t want to pay in lost votes and older people and their children have been left far too long with the false expectation that care is free.

So we are still going nowhere and the crisis gets worse by the day.

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  1. ‘***’ a eureka moment?

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