Where am I going 2 ?

A day’s gone by and I still don’t know

where I am going.

Time relentlessly driving me forward

to an unknown destination.



The day I was born,

I couldn’t know.

In my teens,

I thought I knew.

By my early working years,

I was sure I knew.




Now in my later years,

I know I don’t know.

I can only navigate

with the history of my life.



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2 Responses to Where am I going 2 ?

  1. Memories that what stirs me these days! More scouting songs from my youth, to help calm your troubled breast? Maybe?
    Songs from our repitoir;; the great American railway patsty etc or green grow the rushes oh! And then the district’s song to the tune of waltzing Matilda-airedaleing.
    Would you wish to put this all into contextual about this chant/round
    “” you cannot put your muck in our dustbin, our dustbins full! With rounduns and squareuns, and squaruns and roundups but cannot put your muck in our dustbin our dustbin full”” repeat endlessly to a walking marching rhythm?

  2. another load of singing: My favorite scout song to my daughters: Ging gang Ghollee Watcha ging gang ghooo, f— etc finishing the round with Umpah Umpah, Umpah, umpah, and that becomes a round until every person has sung Ging Gang Ghollee, and when the last person has sung this, or group of people; we would all finish with Umpha, Umpah, Umpah- stick it up your jumper!!!, and then the room would go silent.
    One of my most endearing songs was played at camp over a campfire late at night? This was sung with a blanket held over the campfire light___ We were in the dark!!!—Quote
    A woman by the church stood, OOH raahh, Ohh eeeh eh, A crorpse into the church yard went Oh EEE OOH Ah,she looked into the coffin and said Oh! will I be like you when I am dead? Ohh aah, EEE OOH, The corpse to the woman said and Shrieked EEEEE! and with that the blanket was removed from the campfire with gusto!!, and the singers would be bathed in campfire light and reflections,
    To an active young mind a thought and a memory to behold!! It still brings a smile to my face, at my delicate age of 70+
    I wonder if I am that corpsey? frightening the younger members of my family and friends??

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