Trawling the deep

Trawling the depths of my Internet mind.

Digging around in the years far behind.

Unlocking the lost,

Expanding the new.

Remembering what I once knew.

Joining the dots of today,

To the clutter of yesterday’s

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1 Response to Trawling the deep

  1. David Freeman says:

    Intriguing??? Well blow me over with a feather? The lines in the stanza? Above bring to mind the most recent reading of my latest book by DAn Brown titled -ORIGIN- intriguing, what is a human mind? What is a modern computer? How do both serve society?
    What is the past to an individual? What is life, and what does one follow in their beliefs? Heart or head.
    Think on “Macduff” question for you- Are you with your existing faculties able to join the dots, without the aid of a computer?? Specs and hearing aids with that walker please stand to attention!!
    Keep going john,I am up to mischief, but with love I trust.David.

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