Plastic Fantastic !

At last I can see my blog is beginning to have a global impact.   I am talking about all my rants about excessive packaging.    (You can see my earlier blogs by clicking on Packaging in the Tag Cloud)  Also after the last bungled election the LLLP has arranged several anti-packaging demonstrations outside parliament.

Headlines in the press this week confirm the influence we are having, although I must say, I am sad to see there is no acknowledgement of my GrumbleSmiles contribution to raising the profile of this important issue.   There is little doubt that Prime Minister Maynot has gained a lot from having the Last Laugh Looney Party  in her Cabinet, judging by the freaky ideas she is now coming up with.

Here are some of the recent front page headlines :-

Daily Mail  ———   “May: I’ll end the plastic scourge”

The Times  ——  “May wants plastic-free aisles put into supermarkets.”

Apparently Prime Minister Maynot has been shocked and horrified by all the needless plastic.    I do hope she is not losing sleep over it.  Especially  when Brexit negotiations are still on going and of course she has the man in North Korea and his missiles to think about.    But at least we will be plastic-free before we exit-Brexit and the missiles land.

Here are some of the most earth shattering ideas included in the 25 year plan (25 years is just long enough to ensure nobody can be held accountable , if the ideas don’t work) :-

  • Plastic-aisles in supermarkets.  Presumably only the plastic will be free and you will still have to pay for the goods. Oh and don’t forget to bring a bottle if you want more fairy liquid😋
  • The 5p carrier bag charge.   Will be doubled every year a so that by 2023 a bag will cost you £1.60, by 2028 for every extra plastic bag you will have to pay £54.40.   By 2043 a bag will cost about a £zillion although sadly Mrs Maynot may not be around by then.
  • Plastic cutlery and cups.    These will be phased out in Whitehall.  Apparently the civil servants in the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs drank  2.5 million cups in the last 5 years.  I wondered what they were doing all day?  And why do we need a Department of Rural Affairs?   Surely it’s none of their business what farmers do behind closed doors !
  • Wildlife site visits.  £10million will be spent to send children to see the countryside.    I am not sure what it has to do with plastic but it is a lot better than learning boring things like maths and science.
  • Finally the £13billion foreign aid budget is to be used to clean up the oceans.   The fish will certainly appreciate that!

It must have taken years and a lot of tea drinking to dream up such cleaver vote-winning policies.   Mrs Maynot’s Government is certainly getting into the Last Laugh Looney Party spirit.

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1 Response to Plastic Fantastic !

  1. I m pleased to note that the #last laugh looney party# is still a political force? Come back “scheeming lord such”.
    It is good to look at ones self [and alll of us ] in a mirror.???
    We need some sense of responsibilty, and an honest social consious, to gently reflect on what we would like to see our community becoming, especially for our future generations, and those who have served the country, and are now the oldies!!!
    At least if we wrap things in plastic we are able to see through the wrapping, at the true goods? What we need now is to be able to look people, persons in the eye, and see the Inner soul????

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