Demographics of Benefits Continued

This is a follow-on from my previous blog.    It charts the changes in society since the Second World War and  the introduction of the Beveridge Report recommendations.

The ‘you-can-have-it-all’ attitudes of the Baby Boomer generation turned welfare benefits into ‘ entitlements’.    Part of the everything’s free, spend now, save later thinking encouraged by every TV advert.    Saving was out of fashion.

This was accompanied by much more subsidised public housing and much greater liberalisation of divorce laws.   The introduction of the birth control pill also changed the attitudes of young people to sex.    The family ties of the previous era were gradually loosened.   The Hippy era had arrived.

Marriage became an option not an obligation.   So from then on  marriage rates have steadily declined from close to 100% after the war down to only half that today.     Birth rates outside of marriage rose from 5% in 1960 to 40% in 2004.    Only 7% of children were living with lone parents in 1972 by 2004 that had escalated to 24%.

That significantly increased the need for more housing and also since many single parent families were relatively more impoverished, the demand for benefit support increased.    To add to this unemployment which was less than 4% just after the War rose to over 10% by 1981.

In my lifetime we have moved from a society where only 4% received benefit and were generally frowned on, to now where 24% of people of working age are entitled to State support.

How can it be when society is so much wealthier overall, that so many people still have to depend on Welfare Benefits ?

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2 Responses to Demographics of Benefits Continued

  1. An extremely thought provoking blog? and deserving of more thoughts?

  2. Beverage report.
    Well I am to admit to you all, I have lived life, and through the social upheavals of the late 20th century, and while I have observed the changes, I have never gone to those government statistics and associated papers that give a ‘rationale’ as to government policy.
    The facts and figures of married persons, and single persons with children, either as a result of a dissolved marriage, or an unfortunate pregnancy out of wedlock.
    As I sit on my white charger, I must not be holier than thou: However I do care where the UK PLC social community are heading. WE are all alleged richer in monetary terms, and yet as I write this blog the number of young people becoming home owners is now less than in the past? My own family and its younger generation, may have employment, but not the disposable income to invest in a property or home: I wonder how true this is of the ‘now’ younger generation’ where they may wish to both purchase a secure home, and indirectly invest in the future, with a secure form of savings.
    In my younger day, and as my wife grew into a family, our anchor was the home, and the ability to invest in the difference between the original mortgage value, and the perceived market value of the property at the time of requiring any extra monies for a major incident/purchase.
    Going back to the ‘blog of John’s I note the alleged comments made to and with respect to the break up of marriage, and single parents. This intrigues me and brings me back to government policy of the day! Maybe the break up marriage’s, the problems of single parents and children to be cared for and housed in a secure fashion. This problem has been exacerbated by since WWII of in general the problems of families and bring up children, with respect to ladies employment, against men, and the complex problem of when married in the early days the family income was tied to the man’s earnings in name, tax and social society acceptance, and now we have in the 21st century the problems of women rights, equality of employment and its laws?
    How has this affected the now joint retirement age for men and ladies of 68 in the UKPLC, and does one have a right to financial benefits if one has not contributed in ‘’financial terms’’ but in moral and well being terms only? I will leave the reader to solve this social riddle!!!
    Back to John’s blog and the facts and figures, how do we solve the social problems of today with the apparent breakdown of Christian beliefs allegedly concerning families and the bringing children into this world and then rearing them in a loving environment. WE as a world have been through this loop in the late 20’s 30’ and the beliefs of a superior race, where mankind was clinically cleansed and designed to produce the perfect human race or society, resulting in WWII I do not wish to bring these set of circumstance back to my children or children;s children.
    In reflection I am brought back to faith beliefs, but not bigotry, and dogma, and in my understanding of the broader ‘church’ I know collectively as the ‘Christian Church’’, when it expresses it views in moderate terms.
    I believe it is time for me to get off my soap box, and worship, my ‘god’, pay my taxes and be a responsible citizen and vote as required by my country, and also to be a responsible member with tolerance, understanding and compassion within my own family.

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