Cloud surfing to the SUN !

It’s another wet and windy day on Earth.  Not at all like May is supposed to be in Kilsby.   So I decided to go a bit closer to the sun and joined the NASA Parker Solar Probe.

Goodness knows how I got here, but I ended up inside the high security environment of the NASA Space Mission.   I think I am going to become an astrophysicist 😀.    This is what you get from aimlessly surfing around in the clouds.











As long as the weather gets better, I am due to take off from the Florida launch pad sometime between July and August.  It seems like NASA time tables are a bit like Network Rail.    The journey will take six years, which is about as long as it takes to get to Birmingham on the new high-speed trains.   It seems like HS2 is just another politician’s ego trip.

We pass Venus in 2020 although we are not stopping.  Later we shoot by Mercury at around 430,000 miles per hour.    That’s fast enough to get you from New York to Tokyo in less than a minute.   Certainly makes you wonder why Network Rail is building a high-speed train that will still take nearly an hour to get from Birmingham to London.

Of course it will be a lot hotter, the latest weather forecast for the sun says that it will be more than 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.   I am assured we will be protected by four and a half inches of carbon composite shield and that the temperature inside the probe will be more or less room temperature.   So that should be alright then😩

Just a short flight of fancy on a cold, wet, windy day.

If you would like to see more about my celestial travels, follow the link below.

It does leave me with a few questions:-

  • How much is the Solar Probe Mission costing?  The answer must be in billions of dollars.
  • Who on earth agreed to spend this money?  It seems like NASA is a runaway rocket.
  • Mr Parker, the astrophysicist, had a load of theories about the sun and this mission is to find out whether his theories are correct.  It sounds like an American ego trip to me and I would be inclined to ask whether the money could be better spent on other things.
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3 Responses to Cloud surfing to the SUN !

  1. ”ICUROURS” the greek god who’s wings melted when he got too close to the sun. The blog site is heavy in thoughts, and it would appear another ”stephen hawkins” with such insights into our being here on earth. Rather deep for me, and I trust the probe will make it, and send back the information for the next generation to study and be enlightened.
    WE as ”man”/”woman” appear to be making great strides in attempting to understand our universe: I be the question technology has marched on and we understand a little more?? However the deeper questions[s] are can we improve on the thinking of the ancient civilisations and their philosophies, and conundrums????
    Answers on a post card please!!

  2. Question posed in John’s blog about monies spent, on studies like this, and maybe not helping us now as a society dealing worldwide with the problem of an aging population. It is all rather personal and depends on ones view point, for the cost of knowledge, against social responsibilities. Please answers on a post card to the usual address.

  3. here I am on my political ‘soap box” What is this new fangled ‘EU’ data privacy/data collection, and exchange of information regulations??
    I am flummoxed and bemuses, and I go back to my employment as a government servant, when what one thought-committed to paper or on the web was for everyone and anyone in government circles to read and challenge.
    Taking this or these thoughts a little further one is left with? what is my responsibility to ones self?
    One has to be firm/polite/ tactful and able to accept criticisms, and has to assume blinding obvious or not? Everyone knows about one, even down to the toothpaste in the bathroom, there are no secrets, other than those one wishes to keep? But again this is can be a lever for mischief and irresponsible actions been taken against one.
    The web is a marvel, but like a spider it is woven and can lead to unfortunate consequences, if one is not discreet, and honest.
    Ignorance is no defence? The state and what more foreign states may just watch, and then act with consequences one had not thought about? So do you wish to be so open on the web, with ones inner most thoughts??? The pity of all this is that in the modern world the commercial and trading groups/companies one deals with on a daily basis, and now with the web having the power to collect all this personal information, and we the consumer are left nude and naked in the hands of local/international conglomerates: who trade in ‘MONEY” to make Money, and this will involve state versus state or ideologies against ideologies, where the monies cross state boundaries, and international money markets looking for that extra penny/nickel/cent.
    I ask you who or what is the definition of ”EVIL’ in your eyes the reader?? Answers on a post card please

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