Cloud Surfing in Kentucky

GrumbleSmiles was set up to provide innovative answers to tackling the problems of loneliness in later life.    Many older people are less able to get out and about, which can be the first steps towards a life of isolation.

My travel around the clouds continue.   Today I invite you to join me on a trip to unknown destinations around the world and an opportunity to talk to new and interesting people.    All at no cost and from the comfort of your own armchair.

We are going cloudsurfing.   

Courtesy of Blogger and Photographer, Barbara Judge and her excellent blog called Folkways Notebook.   Barbara has taken some interesting trips around America and the first one that caught my eye, I have referred below.




Today I took a trip to the Appalachian Mountains in the USA.  In particular, I landed in Madison County, Kentucky and came across Miss Ida Green, a remarkable 82 year old lady who owns and runs a country grocery store.

You can find the full story and photographs by clicking on the following link:


In the weeks ahead, I will publish more blogs and photographs from my cloud surfing travels.

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3 Responses to Cloud Surfing in Kentucky

  1. davidfreeman says:

    Ida and her web sight, is intriguing and too me full of ‘home sun” America, and it brings the TV series of the ”Walton’s” to my mind.
    As you say John loneliness, or isolation in thoughts can trigger the felling of unwanted, one needs, friends and family, to share those occasional memories with, and it is even more warming if one can share it with some one who has actually been part of that thought, life story, or deed. As we gently age those besides get less and less, and time relentlessly marches on, leaving us to stand alone!
    I wish to reflect in yesterday’s British Royal family wedding of Megan and Harry, and the dreams they have off tomorrow, and then in the same place of worship {St Georges Chapel-Windsor], is HRH – Her majesty The Queen and her Husband Prince Philip, and you, I look at the TV pictures, and just wonder if Harry and Megan live as long as ”Queenie and the duke”, will they still be married and have seen or witnessed as many changes in life as the Queen and Prince Phillip, within their own life time {Megan and Harry] and what will be their memories to treasure? What is more: what is a memory? is it a dream of reality? or some moment to share with ones self or those that we love?
    Life can be fleeting, the mind can be frail but friendship, family and love can warm the cockles of ones heart.
    The Episcopalian bishop in the service went on a bit yesterday but he struck the right notes.

  2. davidfreeman says:

    instead of ”sun” please read ;SPUN;

  3. davidfreeman says:

    one gently may be reminiscing of John’s earlier blogs on life in old age, and the on set of loosing a loved one, and the ravages of loneliness. The blog by Ada, and John’s cloud surfing mischief that he gets upto, is a point for further thoughts, and if one is inclined discussion.
    Who’s is John one may ask? That is the silent question, and if one looks at the web, and enters retirement villages, retirement organisations, and the such like, one may come across plenty of age related concerns for the elderly, especially housing, such as Hanover Housing, The Extracare Charitable trust, and a few more if you reside in the UK! But hey wait a minute John has also eluded to American USA complexes for the elderly in these blogs, and has made comment to a society, societal way of life for the elderly, and then made comment ribald and constructional as to how the UK government can help the on going problems of an aging and elderly society within the world and especially the UK.
    I wish personally to thank you John for your many missives in this BLOGGING smiles and grumbles, and reiterate, that if one is willing to undertake a deep look into ones circumstances at the point of retirement from work, while one has one’s partner and family around, think hard and talk openly and embrace, or be willing to live in a communal atmosphere {purpose built- retirement village/complex, with a mixed society and of some 350/380 souls on board], one can find the day to day living both challenging in the most pleasantest of ways, extremely interesting and absorbing, thinking of what next activity to join, what next task to volunteer for a short period of time, and then just plain ‘bonhomie” listening and talking to one neighbour and fellow villager. It puts a spring in one step-with vigour!
    Finally when one’s close friend/partner passes on one is all ready amongst friends, and all though as one says of a busy railway station one can be in the company of many, but one can still be a stranger?
    Try catching a train at a retirement village, some one is all ways watching, and some all ways cares! The thoughts as all way are yours and personal, but if you share your heart, others will do the same.

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