American Tea Party

After throwing a shipfull of tea into the harbour at Boston, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Americans can’t make tea.  Maybe in a country renowned for good service, it’s more a statement of their independence from a very British tradition.

Otherwise by now several hundred years after that rebellious act they would have learned that:

A tea bag, a pot of tepid water and a jug of milk doesn’t constitute a cup of tea.

Nor do British people expect to make their own tea – surely that is an integral part of the service.

The first step to making a cup of tea is to pour the milk in the cup.  So it’s annoying when the next step is to pour the tea from the teapot into the teacup only to find the teapot only contains hot water and no tea!

Too late now to add the tea bag into the cup of luke warm milky water.  So start again!

With luck you have enough water left in the teapot to put in the teabag.  Now let it “mash” for a while.  Meanwhile try explaining to a bemused waiter what “mash” means.  (Or “steep” or “brew” or “stew”).

        A few other footnotes:-

        – A coffee cup is too small for tea.

        – Hot milk is for coffee not tea.

        – And lemon is for gin & tonic.

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1 Response to American Tea Party

  1. Murial Dodd , Liverpool says:

    Nothing like a good POT of tea. Most of the time when your out you get a tea bag in the cup and a dirty bowl to out it in.

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