Cast Adrift

On board with 2000 others in the luxury of Queen Mary 2.  Endless free, excellent food served by the politest of waiters.  Indeed the service for everything is first class.

The average age of the passengers must be at least 70, probably more.  They are probably the only age group who can afford the time and cost of traveling in this leisurely way; an up market seafaring Billy Butlin.  Complete with afternoon entertainment – quizzes, ballroom dancing, films, bridge, tutored classes in water colour painting and lectures in everything from jewelery to the history of the warfare state.

Thousands of retirees are paying thousands of pounds for this aimless cruising lifestyle.  A rootless self-indulgence or just reward for a life well spent.  Spending the kids’ inheritance or just cast adrift frittering it away.  Surely there is more to later life than turning in on oneself.  What were all those years of gathering the experiences of success and failure, if not to pass on that learning, so that those who follow can gain and go further.

Maybe all these grannies and granddads could be given a complementary grandchild to accompany them on their world travels so that both generations could return home the richer for having shared their experience of past lives and new ventures.

Really, this is not about cruising or spending our pension savings, nor does it require travel.  The opportunity for the young to learn from the old, and for the elderly to pass on their lifetime of lessons sits on our doorstep every day, waiting to be taken up.

Can anybody add to this idea of grandparents and children working together ?

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2 Responses to Cast Adrift

  1. david freeman says:

    When one was younger and starting a sea going career, many a envious eye was cast at the tales of the passenger boat crew: But they alas said and stated only the elderly where able to pay for the trip- so that eye for a pretty girl was all for nothing, for the passenger boat crew. However they must have been richer in life’s experiences as many tales of yore could be spun, as I am now finding out as I enjoy the tales and experiences of my fellow villagers.

  2. David Freeman says:

    Rereading this Blogg is interesting to me. When I was younger one did not like the present generation have the ability or opportunity to travel on such a wide scale as you can Today. Now I am resticted not by the mind but by the pocket and the insurance premiums in case something or someone requires my attention while away. The opportunity to take a younger member of society or of the family excites me, and maybe I will look into the opportunities avaialble. I can still travel in mind only, even if life has kicked me in the teeth or passed me by! As all ways one can talk of experiences of life but one is never able to pass them on.

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