Icebergs don’t have ears!

Travelling across the Atlantic to New York on the Queen Mary 2– a voyage to a new life of retirement.  Following in the long lost wake of the Titanic, and shortly to pass over her last resting place.

It’s been foggy all day yesterday and all night, and still there is no visibility as the dawn breaks on today.  The passengers on board never can see where they are going, they just have to have blind faith in the Captain, his crew and technology!

To older people who grew up without it, whenever is technology reassuring ?     

If we can see in the dark with it, why does the fog horn have to be sounded relentlessly day and night every two minutes  ?                                                                                                                                       

What’s out there in our way?

Why did I watch all those old films?  You would not call a film about Titanic “A Night to Remember” if you were on a ship crossing the Atlantic.

In this day and age, surely all other ships have radar and can see us coming and will get out of the way.

As I look out of the cabin window, I can see the lifeboats – but that’s not very reassuring.

If in spite of all the technology we still need fog horns for ships at sea, maybe we should go back to having men with red flags walking in front of cars to avoid accidents on the roads?


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