“No Gumption 2”

On the 11 June 2010 I wrote a post about the problem of chewing gum on the pavements of Westminster City Council.

Looks like this problem is going to increase.  Kraft have opened a new gum research centre in Switzerland to cash in on the growing chewing gum market by developing new flavours.  Apparently the market is worth $23,000,000 annually.

How about inventing a flavour that appeals to dogs like Boneo gum, Winelot gum or Pedigree gum.  That way there’s a good chance that everybody walking their dogs will be hoovering up the mess on the pavement at the same time.

Otherwise we are all destined to be stuck with the problem for a long time.


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2 Responses to “No Gumption 2”

  1. David Evans, Cardiff says:

    How about gum flavours based on dog food – that way maybe instead of messing on the pavements they could be helping clean them up 🙂

    Beefy chunks in gravey gum
    Lamb in mint jelly gum
    Oxtail surprise chews

    I don’t know how children would take to them first ? Still you asked.

  2. David Evans , Cardiff says:

    Thinking about it, if this suggestion works we may just have swopped one problem for another. There maybe less chewing gum on the pavements, but what else are our best friends leaving behind ? 😦
    P.S. No cartoon required

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