“Sugaring the Pill”

When I was a child and not very well, my mother used to give me a spoonful of jam to get me to swallow any tablets or take any nasty medicine.  Most children have an inborn dislike of pills and potions.  It seems that by the time we get to sixty plus, we have all learned to love them, if we go by the amount of medication consumed by older people.

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I wonder how this pill popping dependency came about?  Judging by a recent report in the ‘Mail on Sunday’, it appears that the drug companies have found a way of sweetening the pill by using the same approach as my mum, but in a rather more extravagant way.  It appears that in the name of “educational and scientific meetings”, NHS staff are being taken to exotic locations and luxury hotels to learn about new drugs and medical treatments.  Obviously doctors and senior NHS managers need to get away to far off places before they can think clearly. Evidently, far away places which are Centres of Learning, like Mauritius, Las Vegas and Sydney, are natural destinations.  The Health Trusts involved assure us that there is no possibility of their staff being influenced by their all expenses paid trips.  Absolutely no chance at all!

Furthermore, there are other safeguards to avoid corruption – the drug companies have very strict rules about providing hospitality(presumably that means they HAVE to provide it) and the NHS has a clear division of responsibility between the prescribers of drugs and the staff who agree to purchase contracts (I assume the prescribers go first class to the far off destinations and the purchasers only get to go to a caravan site in Bognor Regis).

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1 Response to “Sugaring the Pill”

  1. I wonder if I have become a pill popper via the internet so to speak? I went to the well being nurse and had a check up, no problems there: However my cholestral was towards the higher end of the norm.
    I was requested to consult a diebeties website and answer a questionaire, This I did. Based on my height, weight and waist measurements (BOdy mass figure), I am at according to the results high risk-category for type 1 diebeties. I was am recommended to talk to my GP. Fine!
    However I looked closely at the site run by the Diebeties Charity, and felt while I was advised correctly, this site is when one reads all the small print a mechanism for funds/donations and it has a guide as to what a GP may be looking for.
    Here is my deliemma: I will discuss with the GP, but I feel that I have been slightly pressurised into a false sense of insecuity, and I just wonder as one may bitch and complain about popping pills, if I am looking for ailments, that may befall me, but not neccesarily suffer from?
    It is as always a personal matter and I must make a judgement, and take advice.
    I feel as I grow older I personally will take advice and I am mortal, and in some ways influanced by pretty talk. I will and maybe beovercome by an ailment of some kind, and in some ways, one getting old is a sin! One has to be aware that not all our/my days in the future will be free of ailments, so I suspect I will be taking pills for pills, and suffering the side effects. What is worse the condtion as original or the side effects? All this advice is worrying and could and is becoming confusing.

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