“My Garden Age” 2

It’s a windy apples-off-the-trees blow-away day.  Signs of summer fading fast.  Early autumn breeze wrestling with the browning leaves.

Yet the garden still has much to give in its green old age.  The last flush of the roses as beautiful as the very first.  The fuchsias not so numerous now but still as finely dressed as all through the summer season.  A few sweet peas elegant, delicate and still scented in their final days.  Geraniums and begonias hanging onto their former glory.  Dahlias now at their blooming best, seeking to outdo each other at the autumnal beauty parade.

A harvest festival feast of blackberries in the thorny brambles and apples falling off the trees.  Pies in the making and the sweet smell of baking.  The holly tree berries turning from yellow to red getting ready for their Christmas decoration.

There is much to celebrate and enjoy in the garden right now just as there is joy to look for in the garden of old age.


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3 Responses to “My Garden Age” 2

  1. As you do John I look out to the skyline and the trees changing colour to all the beutiful, reds, browns, and faded yellows of their foilage, and the birdsong in the morning chorous has faded from its vibrant sping and summer noises.
    Again the seasons turn, and like all of us I must become active and not dormant otherwise come next spring I will be a little more overwieght, and slightly more creaky as the garden gate. I think gentle exercise, a brisk but short walk to sense and take in God’s garden is required, with a little help from the gym.
    In the gym the mirror’s show the truth, the ravages of age, and that innane figure grinning at me as I struggle with my ten minutes on each gym machine as I complete my exercisers devised for my well being. This bit is boring, but in God’s garden with the changig scenery I enjoy the freash air and the little changes as we progrees towards winter and Christmas the season of goodwill. Life all ways gives one something to look forward too, and with my grandchildren or any toddler the wonderment of belief as they anticipate kicking up a pile of fallen leaves or the telling of modest wishes to Santa, and the look of enjoyment on their small faces. Yes John it is good to be alive.

  2. My garden age is the same as the leaves ‘Browned Off’, and I feel isolated and misunderstood in this modern life style of ours. Through a process of updating my financial affairs, as so often cojouled by the media, and modern communications to the elderly, I came to the decision to simplify my finacial banking/building society arrangements.
    I decided that as I held an account a passbook and telephone account with a past BS now a bank, that the account was almost dormant, and does not suit my current style of living, that I would close the said accounts.
    My first action was to set up or notify a recieving account-here one was duely processed and I felt like a money laundering con-artist. One had to have a face to face interview with the branch, and sit and answer a load of questions. (This took some 30 Mins.)
    On the same day following on I went to the BS/Bank to close the accounts in question:
    I was given a questionaire, and told I must produce the original pass book, and bring back the form(questionaire) at my next visit.
    I did this and returned to the branch and talked to the teller, made my request. Well I thought again I was the criminal? The questionaire had been signed by relative parties, I had also the original pass book-But I now had to make an appointment in branch to close the accounts. It is a bu–er and I need to swear.
    I enquired where was the office to which I should apply to in writing which to me was more time efficient and convenient: No such address or Office. I was amazed.

    On the same day I wished to give letters to my bank about cancelling a bankers order and commencing a new one. It is another saga. There is no recieving branch only a central location to which the letters are sent too: But the advisor could not give me a central address. I was gobsmacked. One can go to a teller and have the information inputted, but the Banks and BS appear to be progreesing towards an internet banking system only, which I find infuriating as the proof of money transactions and keeper of confidential information is thrown onto the customer and the banks appear to say the client is guilt of a misdeed in cases of problems-where as in my younger day the bank itself was responsible, and liable. What is happening?

    As for the closing of the accounts I could withdraw down to the last multiple of £10 (Card-ATM M/C), and then the last £1 the bank/BS have the cheek to say I should donate it to thier alloted/nominated charity. I have now had to jump through the hoops I feel fit enough to tell them to stuff their own procedures, and demand where is my money- even if it is a £1.

  3. Again I am of ruddy complextion, like the autumn leaves. My bank given written instructions about the closure of one standing order, and the commencement of another: Replied imn writing that they could not perform my instructions, Until I replied further in writing or by telephone banking or online ( To which one is charged for the facility). So much for an easy life. Again the bank brank to which one communicates with is a central office, and all though it is to maybe check the information is correct, in the bank correspondance they quote back to me the information I originally forwarded.
    I do not see a clear path of logic in the system other than to add a charge by a premium number to my account. I have steam coming out of my ears, and I feel no longer is the written word with authentic original signatures acceptable for a banking transaction. I assumme once again I am responsible for the banks behavoiur, and they have slopeee shoulders? I wonder? They appear to be all the same in the high street!!!

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