“Compensation not Care”

There’s been much talk in the press recently about the legal profession playing a more active role in policing the quality of care delivered in the NHS.  No doubt the “no win, no fee” lawyers will have a field day with this.  (This follows on from my previous posts entitled “COLD COMFORT” dated 31 July 2012, “CARE NOT COMPENSATION” dated 2 August 2012 and “LEGAL EAGLES NOT VULTURES” dated 26 February 2012 which can be found in the ARCHIVE).

Now here is a possible future article in the Daily Mail :-

The legal profession will soon be doing more operations in the NHS than doctors.  Examination of patients will routinely be done by lawyers immediately after any treatment is given.  Government Ministers have declared that in a new spirit of openness and transparency in the NHS, all doctors and nurses will be required to give witness statements under oath about any treatment provided free at the point of need.  Private health care will of course remain exempt from these regulations to protect commercial sensitivity.

Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow, always ready with a bag of off-the-shelf quotes about “dignity and respect”, will no doubt wish to say:- “This represents a great step forward for elderly care in the NHS.  It is good to know that after all the reports of poor care of older people in the NHS, at least now I have been able to do something.  My Government will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that where treatment is not provided properly, the compensation should restore some dignity, even if sadly on some occasions has to be posthumous.”

I doubt this is an election winning strategy Mr Burstow !

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