First GrumbleSmiles Trust Applications

The Trust was launched in February and at the time of writing we have received 20 applications for funds.  The purpose of this blog is to give some general feedback to the people who have applied to us, although they have all been written to individually.

Most of the applications were unsolicited and made no doubt as a result of the GrumbleSmiles Trust Charity being registered on the Charity Commission website.  The sharpest of fundraisers will have picked up this information and made a prompt application in the hope of attracting our early attention.  The disappointing thing is that so many of these early bird applicants haven’t even taken the time to read the information on the website.  Hence at least half of the initial applications were for projects which had no relation to our aims.  This scattergun approach to fundraising is time-wasting, not only for the Trustees, but also for the applicants.  I’m sure they are all doing very good work and it must be disappointing to receive rejection of their applications and therefore in a positive spirit I would like to suggest they would get better results by tailoring their applications to donors with the same aims as themselves.

A number of the other applications were related to elderly people so they do fit in to our broad area of interest.  However our limited resources mean that we are not in a position to provide core funding for projects.  We are also looking for evidence of innovatory approaches and ideas which can be repeated on a larger scale.

We don’t wish to discourage any applications which fit our criteria.  You can find these by clicking on “GRUMBLESMILES TRUST” in the TOPICS list.

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1 Response to First GrumbleSmiles Trust Applications

  1. Dear John,
    I have a question for you to ponder over, concerning senile dememtia and Alzhmiers.
    Does the trust, sponor/support/recommend or even fund speakers/advisors in the different NHS Hospital districts of the UK to give talks on Alzhmiers and senile dementia?
    Here I am thinking outside the box? I am aware Extracare use the research projects from Bradford University, and employ ‘Locksmiths’ based on this research! What I am looking for or hoping for is a set of freash eyes to talk to groups of people from 1/1 or 1/20, or even a complete audience of 20+ to discuss with suffers, their families and supporters/carers on these subjects.
    I would tackle this from two angles, and two different audiences, in the first instance and then maybe generally as a complete single audiece:
    1/ Existing suffers who are aware, or their families and supports/friends are aware of their personal life, with these ailments and how to combat the effects with both clinical and pastrol care/support?
    2/ A more general audience of the aging population, and how the onset of dementia and alzhmiers is recognised? clinically and by observational behavior/traits? One of the things to learn from this is not fear? But how one may help a friend of neighbour who has befallen such an ailment, and to lead as near normal life as possible, and yet add to the quality of their own and that of their friends and nieghbours way of life!.

    In this instance I would be more attuned to an advisor who has been in the field, rather than academia, and has reached an age of some maturity 50+, and that they can relate to the general public about the effects of dementia/alzhmiers on friends and family within their community.
    One further question I would ponder/propose is? ‘what in an enclosed society (Retiremewnt village: or something similar?) is the percentage, or numerical basis one as an organisation/management structure, or as a resident of such an enclosed society can be absorbed as thoses people suffering with alzhmiers and or demetia, and yet provide support and independent living for all? Without becoming a care home with 24 Nursing, and yet being a centre of excellence for dealing with alzhmiers and dementia? A conundrum to ponder?

    John does your Trust have such people at your finger tips, or are the Trust aware of such a group who can freely talk to the over 55’s.

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