“Technology Gap”

This blog is the beginning of a grumble, but it should be a smile.  It is about the elderly market, and the number of new products that arrive almost every day that should make our lives easier and therefore make us smile.  Sadly too many new products leave people behind.  Amazed by what new gadgets can do but bewildered about how to make them do it.  That is the grumble.

New technology should make our lives easier, safer, faster and fun.  Too often for many people, but particularly the elderly, it can be more complicated, incomprehensible and frustrating.

I am driving around in my car at the moment with the digital clock set on the winter time even though it’s July, because I can’t figure out how to set it to British summer time.  That’s not the end of the world but it is a daily reminder of how stupid I am and I could do without that.

Yesterday my computer ‘broke’ or at least the screen went blank and I couldn’t reboot it.  After several tries, I was thinking about really BOOTING it.  When I switched it off and on again it kept coming up with a message about “autosave” and then some more instructions which disappeared before I could read them.  I would have used “help” to see what “autosave” meant but of course my computer wasn’t working.  I thought about finding the user guide which is gathering dust somewhere.  But no doubt if I could find the 5,000 page book and my magnifying glass, I would have to learn one of the many foreign languages it is written in.  Eventually my wife unplugged the computer at the mains and when it was plugged back in, it worked!

As someone who likes to understand things, I am none the wiser, and now my wife is better at mending things than I am.  Is that frustrating or what?


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1 Response to “Technology Gap”

  1. Join the club, it appears to be a race to senility, and for the insane. Come on old age I have better things to do than count the hairs on the palm of my hands (2 By the way, on the left hand-the right hand has still to be appriciated).

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