“Antiquarian Olympics”

This is a continuation of my Summer holiday blogs.  For other blogs on this theme, click on “MEDITERRANEAN REFLECTIONS” in the TAG CLOUD.

From the first day at sea and the floating retirement village activity programme begins today.   A choice for everyone.   You just need to do it on wobbly legs.   The Zimmers and wheelchair users could for once have a marked advantage 🙂

Here are some of the activity options:-

Water Colour Art – there is certainly no shortage of water but there is no landscape on the horizon to copy.  I guess it will have to be “still life” — on a wobbly sea.

Beginners’ Bridge Class – it is very nice of the Captain to let us have a go at steering.  I wonder if the ship will have to display L plates.

Line Dance Class – a wobbly line doing ring-a-ring-a-roses – one step, Texas Two Step and they all fall down.

Computer Classes – “iPods, iPads and iPhones” or should it be “Pea Pods, incontinence pads and emergency call phones”.

Short Mat Bowls – that should be interesting.  The bowls could go anywhere in this swell – who wins, the sailors or the sea depends on the shipping forecast ?

Skin Care for the next generation – an unfortunate title – is it about embalming? – will it be well attended?

Make fine hair look fabulous – I think they have left it a little bit late for me 😦

That’s enough activity for one day!   I never could keep up with adventureous older people.

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1 Response to “Antiquarian Olympics”

  1. As with these new fangled ships stablisers are a must? and what a joy you are mising as the ship pushes ahead through the seas, with a gentle breeze, gentle side to side roll and occassional a gentle pitch-Great in the old days and HUGHIEE was a friend indeed? Just talking and seeking breakfast dinner and tea pass between ones teeth as one got ones sea legs. Stiff Uper lip my boy, you do not know what you are missing on these new fangled cruise ships? By the way the rocks and reefs are still in the same place, so practice your boat drill and swimming strokes? Or tune in to your IPod as you listern to the music as the ship goes down? Gurggle gurggle!!!!

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