“Biscay Balance”

A life on the ocean waves of our Summer sea voyage, see “MEDITERRANEAN REFLECTIONS” in the “TAG CLOUD” for earlier bogs on this theme.

Exhausted by the first day of activities, I contemplate a rest with just some bingo —-  I settle for reading the newspapers instead.

Up until now the sea has been calm, but we are about to enter the notorious Bay of Biscay.  The Captain reassuringly tells us winds are only moderate and there is only a slight swell of   5 feet.  It sounds quite a lot to me but I still haven’t completed my beginners’ bridge class,  so who am I to question the Captain’s 40 years at the mast judgement.

As the day goes on the wind seems to get up a bit and there are lots of little white caps on the waves.  I did hear a “man overboard” drill earlier on but we were assured it was only a safety exercise.  Not entirely reassured by that.

It is getting a bit more bumpy now and walking about is rather more challenging than it was yesterday.  To be on the safe side, the decks have been closed, so there should not be any more “men overboard” scares.

At just this moment I read a timely report in the paper.   Apparently researchers at Duquesne University on dry land in the U.S.of A, did a study of young and old mice and found that older mice had poorer balance.   They then gave them Resveratol – a chemical found in red wine – and somewhat surprisingly their balance improved.   So much so, that they were able to walk along a narrow beam.   Next year they will be entering them in the U.S.A. Olympics gymnastics team !

As the winds in the Bay of Biscay reached gale force 10 and the waves rise to 25 feet,sea spray crashed onto our deck 7 balcony.   I took to the red wine, but it didn’t seem to help.  Goodness knows how the line dancers are getting on.

The research also pointed out that falls are one of the leading causes of death in the over 75’s.   So sailing in the Bay of Biscay in a force 10 gale may not be such a good idea unless you can consume copious quantities of red wine,  have at least an Olympic bronze medal in gymnastics  and have passed your beginners’ bridge class.


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2 Responses to “Biscay Balance”

  1. Oh Dear, Of Mice and men? What you forgot was your piece of bacon rind on a string to suck and be neauseus, lying back on your bed or on the deck calling Heuee!! The Bay is no lady either outward or homeward bound: How ever you appear to have an excuse for redwine, enjoy: One has to keep up the bodily fluids as one continually sees Hueee and does become dehydrated? By the way in all this hillarity of high winds and mounting sea, what ever happened to the sunshine and those crazy lazy days of summer, one saw in the broucher???

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    PS what was the hand you bid in the bridge class? 1 Heart for your wounderful captain, or no bid as you were contemplating the next wave? Remember Kipling always the seventh wave or every seventh wave is the most onimus, and larger than the last six? The white horses, are only passed seagulls or sailors looking for their soulmate, and asking you to join them!!1 Keep dreaming John you may make a ‘Grand Slam’ before your next port, or you arrive home? Think of that what a tribute to your Bridge skills? It is not like the sea ‘By guess and By God?’

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