Money under the Mattress

Only a few months ago I was writing about how older people are getting left behind by new technology. (Click on the 2 sept 2012 in the Archive)

Now a report by The Payments Council has highlighted the difficulties older people have in using ATM machines, payment terminals, on-line banking and internet shopping.    Difficulties with small buttons, small print, differing data entry processes and remembering passwords all mean that life is getting harder not easier in terms of managing your money.   This is quite the opposite of the situation for todays younger generation.   Many of them do almost all of their shopping on-line and probably never go into a bank or rarely use cash.    So in their head-long pursuit of the modern world and the youth market, the banks are leaving the grey market far behind.

Since there is virtually no interest paid on accounts these days, it may be best for grannies and granddads to put their money under the mattress   🙂

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1 Response to Money under the Mattress

  1. I agree, the banks are not interested in frugal and well managed accounts. Alas the Government of the day through HMRC tax regieme, and the policies of the day by HM Government, and then there again there is the financial industry, fleecing us all of our hard earned cash, so what cash goes into a mattress, and is the state pension that much with its rigged cost of living rise RPI or the other derivative., is it pounds or pence. I never dreamt I was that rich as one may think: However debt is a boggie man and I wish to be free of his shackles? Or is it sheckles???

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