“Befuddled” 1

Since I have returned from my summer holiday, I have to admit my blog has stalled.    I can’t seem to find the Grumbles to turn into Smiles.    Sure enough there are still plenty of grumbles out there — the newspapers abound with articles about the plight of the elderly; stories keep being repeated about poor quality care and the paucity of pensions —- but little seems to change.

When thinking about this country’s strategies for older people, the word “befuddled” came into my head from nowhere.    I was not even sure what it meant, so I googled it.  Then I realised it was entirely appropriate to current situation with the lack of a clear social policy toward the elderly.

Here are a few synonyms for “befuddled” and how they resonate for the elderly :-

  • Bewildered – by the failure to take off of equity release schemes.   Which could be a pot of gold at the end of the later life rainbow, but look more like minefields.
  • Baffled – by pensions and annuities which never seem appealing in youthful years, but are a lifeline in retirement.  Albeit an ever-shortening lifeline.
  • Perplexed – by the get-rich-quick, buy-one-get-one-free culture of today.  What happened to saving for a rainy day?
  • Dazed – by ever rising energy costs.   Somehow our North Sea oil bonanza has disappeared without bringing cost down and now windmills are springing up everywhere.
  • flummoxed – by computers which should be making my life simpler but in reality for the majority of older people, make more and more things unfathomable, especially when they break down.
  • Puzzled – by the internet which simultaneously opens up a new world of opportunity and chaos.


There’s more to follow

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1 Response to “Befuddled” 1

  1. Firstly I must shed a tear or tears?, and then in my upset mode of practice I must address my remarks to the one I love!
    Dear John, Bewitched , bebothered and bewildered is how you leave me, utterly in tears. I am sorry that you returned from your holiday and found nothing of joy to behold?? only grumbles?
    Hark I hear you say? Yes indeed hark! My thoughts are thundering across the ether in virtual fashion, so please, what do you think??
    This time of the year Hallowene 31st. Oct you no doubt got your VODOO Outfit on and put pins into your Vodoo Doll?, Or Trick or treated with other persons emotions? with the appropriate oathes or words of wisdom. Then on Nov 4th, used to be ‘mischievous night’ where I grew up? so again one could wish all thoses well who had been kind and horrible to little tykes like me! So again I assumme you may have been on top form John with your carefully chosen words of wisdom, and advice.
    To crown everything you have Nov 5th. -Bonfire night, hear your can burn your pent up energies and effigies on a good all blaze!! Set fire to the lot and all those New years resolutions which you may not have kept, but made in earnest last ‘New Years Eve????
    So Dear John You have a lot to smile about, not just grumbles, and by the way the season of good will is almost upon us, so shed a tear and a thought for the ones, one loves?? I know I may not be the one? But I do like your comments, and with a little prod here and there, you bring a smile to my counternance.
    Regards David

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