“Befuddled” 2

(This is a continuation of my “Befuddled 1” blog.  You can find it by clicking on the archive on November 2012.)

Now we come to “Care of the Elderly” which surely should be one of the first duties of a civilised society.  So how are we doing in this “Befuddled” era:-

  • Upset – by hospital care  which is overwhelmed by the complexity of chronic illness in later life.
  • Confused – into adopting the “Liverpool Care Pathway”, which has become a death-line and deathknell for the elderly entering the NHS.
  • Bamboozled – by residential care which has become a warehouse not a shelter and a financial minefield for uncaring investors.
  • Confounded – by domiciliary care which is a licence for 5 minute-quick fix-pizza delivery support, without the pizza.
  • Discombobulated – by the Dilnot report which was intended to put an end to the uncertainty of high care costs, but in fact proved too high a cost to pay.  So the uncertainty remains.

No wonder I’m befuddled.   In this new world of over populated retirement, there seems to be more snakes than ladders.   More Grumbles than Smiles.

Whatever happened to retirement as a time for leisure and pleasure?   An opportunity lost for relaxation and release from responsibilities?   If we are not careful we – the elderly – could become a burden on ourselves and others. Sliding down the slippery slope of the snakes of ill-health and no wealth.   Unhappy and isolated in our empty castles with no future to look forward to.   Just a quiet long wave goodbye to life.

Befuddled is not good, the elderly deserve a clear and positive vision of later life.     It looks like we will need to identify the way forward for ourselves.

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3 Responses to “Befuddled” 2

  1. Quitely I ask you, What did you do in the war daddy??. Like you I am befuddled by todays antics of the political scene and the political classes! We are or I am getting older and now about to enter my supposed ‘Golden Years’ I am looking forward to them! Maybe with intrepidation, and as I refelect on Molly’s and my life, i trace the family and lifes decisions that bring me to my 70 years!
    One gets kicked out of employment, one has a few friends and horizones of ‘ what may be?’ and then there is family living remotely detached foot loose and fancy free! What is my purpose in life??? Thoughts? Thoughts? Dark and mysterious?
    But Hey along comes a fellow named John Graham with a partial solution and a gem of an idea for the elderly, lonely and berieved. A place or an Idea called a retirement village under the umbrella of ‘The Extracare Charitable Trust’ Not very original one may say? However very profound in its organisation, ethos and manifestations. One lives, meets other friends people and families who dwell in the community, one volunteering for activities ( mind streatching and just fun, physically) , visits and trips, When one becomes involved at the pace one wishes! You meet people on care with ailments and with dementure and alzhmiers, in manageable bite size chunks, and you all in the comminity appricate the approach of the grim reaper, and on the way have giggles, smiles and lots of laughter, while the new younger members of the 55+ community bring freash blood and ideas into ones retirement village? I appriciate and am thankful for the original thoughts and concepts, in fact very thankful!!!
    As you say John I am befuddle, bemused, but not lonely, not rich in cash, but at least I draw from a full tapastry of life’s friends, and Molly and I while we deal with the day to day befuddlement of the Political and political ideals, I am we are looking forward, and enjoying our family and friends, and the new horizon’s that volunteering and being part of our extracare Charitable trust retirement village brings to us, in response to what we each give!!!

    • john graham says:

      Thanks for your kind remarks, but as you say, the concept is only a partial solution. You define and make your retirement life for yourselves. ExtraCare provides the platform, you are all helping each other continue to climb up life’s ladders.

  2. P.S there is not a blank page to do this: However I wish to all the readers a’ Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ‘ for 2013 Regards

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