“Dementia Friends”

A welcome new initiative by the Alzheimer’s Society is aiming to recruit and train 8,000 volunteers.   They will in turn seek to find one million volunteers to help and support dementia sufferers and their carers.

There are estimated to be nearly 700,000 sufferers in the UK, although less than half of these have been formally diagnosed.  This often means they are unsupported or wrongly treated and left to struggle on alone.

Effectively, this is an admission that the State can’t cope and the problem of dementia is being passed to voluntary organisations and individual volunteers.   Nonetheless, it is an opportunity to provide much needed support to families who are often under great strain coping with dementia.

One million volunteers will not be easy to find and organise, so it is a big challenge for the Alzheimer’s Society, but there will be great rewards for the volunteers knowing that their help will provide relief and respite to carers.

It is a great opportunity for the younger generation of retired people to give help to older people in need.   They may need such help themselves one day.

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1 Response to “Dementia Friends”

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    This is very true! When one lives is a social community such as one may find in a retirement village: Then provided the manager of the village and the general populus do not catagorise all old people with dementia and place all elderly patients into one repository, the we the older generation can cope and appriciate the effects and onset of dementia, and can help one and other. It is when one is swamped with demetia cases and the establishment of the day assummes that dementia can be a medical complaint dealt with by carers and pills and potions?? This is not the case? and far from it? When one see a friend/neighbour and colleague suffer in such a way, If the ballance of the retirement village is ‘MANAGED’ correctly then the whole social group can deal with the issue. What is require is an increasing number of retirement villages and people of the age group 55+ of various social and health and welfare groups to be intergrated into a vibrant village community.
    One has to carefully mange age/health and wealth, in a retiement village, as demetia can strike anyone!

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