“New Ways of Working”

Set against the background of longer later life , we need to develop new patterns of working.   The idea of working full-time flat-out and then…………..you suddenly come to a FULL STOP!   For many unlucky people you stop dead literally, within a few years of retiring.

Previously retirement age was 60 for women and 65 for men and an inadequate state pension was supposed to support you for the rest of your life.   If you were lucky, a cradle-to-grave employer looked after you with a company final salary pension, but for all bar the public sector, this paternalistic approach of employers has disappeared and been replaced by a scrap heap mentality.

Now that  is all changing, driven by economic necessity rather than any sense of benevolence.   The former cliff-edge of statutory retirement age has been abolished.   The universal state pension is being put back until 67 and maybe even 70 eventually.   In the name of equality, women’s pensions are being deferred to be brought in line with men.   The problem now is that other social structures haven’t changed to reflect the newly available army of older workers.   There are only so many lollypop lady jobs out there !

We require a new , more positive attitude to work in later life.   Part-time rather than full-time and using the valuable skills acquired in a lifetime of employment.   We also need new types of jobs to be created and a more flexible approach to job sharing.

  • A job sharing team of grannies and granddads could provide a child-minding service for working parents; not necessarily just their own grandchildren;
  • A lot of grannie and grandad teaching assistants could provide one to one support for young school children, that would guarantee they can read and write before they move out of primary school;
  • For older children, their “grandparent” helpers could provide a stand-in additional parent for single parent families, who could focus on developing life skills – cooking, housekeeping, budgeting,handyman.   In return the youngsters could teach computing skills to the older generation.
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2 Responses to “New Ways of Working”

  1. EUREKA! I have it, no job, no money, just a few thoughts, and the ability to think? How about ‘U’ becoming my Valentine, and we can drift into the etheric world, hand in hand picking daisies, and if we are lucky?? candidates and politicians with ideas and beliefs that bring forth all those choses offered at the political stump! ‘She loves me shes loves me not’, as we pluck the petals of our daisy? The end result who knows! Bethrothal to an idea and honesty in mankind?

  2. Your comments John are there for the asking, how to pay the elder generation their entitled pension, and the younger a place and job of work! We all have to share in these times of austerity, and think of others. Our parents went through the 1930’s slump and the tales of that period were not pretty, and the outcome of a enconomic downturn was a world war WWII! We should not shy away and be frightened, but grasp the nettles that confront us and talk to our generations, Old and Young and find a common solution, with a purpose in mind, to make this a better world.

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