“Long Term Care Fairytale”

After 2 1/2 years in power and with only 2 1/2 years left before the next election, the Government is once again beginning to think about the Grey vote.

Before the last election, there was a feeding frenzy of discussion, argument and false hope politicians promises about the future funding of long-term care.   (Click on “DILNOT” in the TAG CLOUD to read more).

The Conservatives had a very simple and simplistic idea of a voluntary insurance for a mere £8,000.   That looks like quite a bargain compared to what they are now proposing.  The Labour Party had an equally interesting alternative of a £20,000 charge levied when you die, but this was quickly dropped when it became labelled the death tax.    Both ideas were useful conversation pieces for TV debates and to capture some votes, but neither stood up to any proper evaluation nor the test of time.

After the election, the Coalition Government commissioned Andrew Dilnot to find a better idea.   Some time later he came up with an answer which cost money and they didn’t like that either.    So they all sat on a toadstool and thought for a while – and then they thought some more.    Until one day they realised that there would be another election soon and they needed to come up with a proposal.    A magical pot of gold at the end of a mythical care rainbow.    So the Chancellor thought about “Dilnot Lite”.   A new idea but with less Government money.

To the politicians this seems like a very good idea because it looks like they have finally made a decision.    In practice it will leave most people paying what they would have paid before.


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3 Responses to “Long Term Care Fairytale”

  1. you are an ‘IMP’ suggesting that faries sit on toodstools and tell stories. I did note in the press some suggestion of what you may be hinting at? But like ‘willo the whisp’ the facts and truth of the story remain in the ether, and it is difficult to pluck any feather from the sky?? Hey Ho we are approching elections so as you correctly note, some words of so called comfort to the voting majorities will come forth? whether it is for the grey vote remains to be seen. Please a little more ‘meat on the bone’, I am hungry for evidence and facts, and ideas that are concrete so we may discuss them logically, and not with emotion, and the furfer that is suggested by colours of a ribbon attached to any old seaside donkey!!!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I see we have a bone to gnaw on? What a bone. The £75K care cape is to be for ‘CARE’: however it does not include food and sustenance or I assume home help.
    Where the hell are we? What do I assume is the definition of care????
    I am a simpleton and when someone is frail and vulnerable, then when they invite or contract a third party to administer to their needs, then this to me is care!!!
    What is the government’s attitude to care, and definition of ‘CARE’? On the CCC Site Care is defined as:
    Domiciliary care
    Residential care
    Nursing home care.
    So what I ask is defined as ‘Care’ under the new terms and conditions the government is introducing for or to provide services, after the £75 Cap is reached.
    Any of the above except domiciliary care provides 24 hour attention to a resident patient, in exchange for security and sustenance, and general house keeping? Are the ‘Care Industry’ now going too present us with two charges (Like a vat Bill), where by one cost is payable, (Administering medically defined services), which is recoverable??? And One bill for Food, Heating, lighting, laundry, housekeeping and similar types of services that one assumes one requests or assesses before entering into a contact with a Domiciliary care, Residential care, or Nursing Home package.
    The detail required to examine is mind blowing, and the thought of the safeguard of a CAP set so high as £75K is insulting.

  3. The Green eyed monster has stirred within me!!!! When one reflects on the £75K cap for ‘Care’ costs, and the innuendo that this only applies to ‘CARE’ as defined by the government? I wonder at the small print of ‘hospital care’ and those citizens who travel to and fro from the UK to their domicile for medical attentions only?? How will this be controlled? And does this include the greater ‘EU Citizens’ as well as those from other nationalities, and the ‘Brits’ who reside outside the UK. It is a jar of worms and a hornet’s nest.
    Looking at the £75K for ‘CARE’ and that top up insurance products may be needed to provide support; I am dreaming and assume that this sum will be needed to defray the medical costs that may be incurred??? This means the cake is further sliced in the governments favour and we get even less??? Monetary return.
    How will the insurance value be calculated for clinical care, dispensed by the NHS, and how will the insurance industry cover this sum, and promote such products to the elderly pensioner??
    Plucking figures ‘out of the air’ I have assumed a person may spend up to 6 months in total time requiring hospital and hospice care?? Minimum!!
    The cost for the government is at present £700 per week for this type of care? Per week-Based on this for 21 weeks this equals £14700 (required insurance). Assume this is a one of insurance policy sold to the elderly based on start of pension at 70 years and that their life expectance is 12 years then the premium, without any margins for profit (Mutual Insurance) the cost would be £14700 lump sum payment.
    If one where to invoke monthly payments, and actuarial data then maybe the £14700 would be paid back over 6 years, and the annual payments (No profit margin) would be £14700/6= £2450 per annum until death or £2450/52= £47.10 approx Per week for life.
    What I wish to make a point about is that the government are capping care costs at £73K but restricted to medical costs? And that they are adding private insurance for life at £42.10 per week or a one time payment of £14700 hence the Cap is £75K+£14700= £89700 according to my estimations.
    It is all smoke and mirrors, and infuriating, until the details are released.
    I may be wrong, totally wrong, and I ask John for his guidance, Please????

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