“Magnetic Mice”

My mousey friends have again been helping out with research into memory.   Studies have shown that by using a magnetic coil, mouse memory and learning can be improved.   They are already clever little devils.   They will be doing degrees in mathmatics or media studies next !

The same technique  –  called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation  –  is now going to be trialled on patients with early stage memory loss.   It involves holding a magnetic coil over their heads while they try to answer quiz questions and complete puzzles.


If it works, you can imagine in years to come we could all be walking around the streets looking like Roger Moore in “The Saint”.

I wonder if it will help me do the fiendish Sudoku?

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2 Responses to “Magnetic Mice”

  1. I see we have a bone to gnaw on? What a bone. The £75K care cap is to be for ‘CARE’: however it does not include food and sustenance or I assume home help.
    Where the hell are we? What do I assume is the definition of care????
    I am a simpleton and when someone is frail and vulnerable, then when they invite or contract a third party to administer to their needs, then this to me is care!!!
    What is the government’s attitude to care, and definition of ‘CARE’? On the CCC Site Care is defined as:
    Domiciliary care
    Residential care
    Nursing home care.
    So what I ask is defined as ‘Care’ under the new terms and conditions the government is introducing for or to provide services, after the £75 Cap is reached.
    Any of the above except domiciliary care provides 24 hour attention to a resident patient, in exchange for security and sustenance, and general house keeping? Are the ‘Care Industry’ now going to present us with two charges (Like a vat Bill), where by one cost is payable, (Administering medically defined services), which is recoverable??? And One bill for Food, Heating, lighting, laundry, housekeeping and similar types of services that one assumes one requests or assesses before entering into a contact with a Domiciliary care, Residential care, or Nursing Home package.
    The detail required to examine is mind blowing, and the thought of the safeguard of a CAP set so high as £75K is insulting.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    the above blog shows my mind and fingers are else where? Please excuse the mistake?? Old age. The rant is entered on, and intended for the ‘Long Term Care Piece’ by JOHN.

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