This is continued feedback on the CAFE group Introduction survey.   (see previous posts by clicking on ” CAFE Project ” in the Tag Cloud )


Church groups

69% of the group describe themselves as religious and half were members of a church or faith group.  This is significantly higher than the general population.  Being a member of a church or faith group retain links with the wider community.  Many churches will arrange domiciliary visits to offer spiritual support to members of their congregation.  Volunteers are often available to provide transport to and from services.

Footnote:-   Many churches provide social events, fetes and other activities which reach beyond their congregation.

We could develop an APP which identifies opportunities to link with local church activities.

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1 Response to CAFE Survey — RELIGION

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I leave this page for a higher authority to answer, and as Dave Allen would quote ‘May your God go with you’!

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