This is continued feedback on the CAFE group Introduction survey.   (see previous posts by clicking on ” CAFE Project ” in the Tag Cloud )

It’s fairly obvious that this group is not representative of the average profile of older people in Coventry.  Particularly the older, older people (over 75).

They are more mobile (car ownership), more active (levels of contact with family and friends) and also levels of going out (clubs, societies, groups).  In a very positive way they are potentially the early adopters of new ideas (the level of computer awareness and use is relatively high).

The potential of Skype to link people together and of YouTube applications to better inform people, is a great opportunity as yet untapped which could be a key to unlocking Coventry as an “Age Friendly City”.

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10 Responses to CAFE Survey — EARLY OBSERVATIONS

  1. Interesting, upwardly mobile and open to ideas: As you say appear to be the most interested in all things new? They usually have a fair idea of their future, and wish to have their personal horizons lifted. This age group are maybe the late 65’s+’es to the active 75’s group. The older generation late 70’s and 80’s and 90’s, slightly or moderately infirmed have less of an out look, and in some cases may expect society in general to provide more! and demand that the government of the day produce the goods! It is difficult to change ones attitudes maybe when one becomes so dependent on society, and the government and local authority of the day. Those that have, are greatful, those that have not, require and demand’what is sauce fror the gander is sauce for the goose, without a thought maybe of what they have put into society besides NI and taxes.
    Personal attitudes mean so much when one is older, and a ‘thank you!’ means so much, to the giver.
    I do not know the answer you maybe seeking? It is a little easier to help those who are willing to participate, and little more difficult to provide for those who are less fortunate in life’s rich tapastry?
    Maybe as a philenthropic debate one channels all ones energy into the elderly who are or have been less fortunate in life’s game of roulettee, and seek from the upward and more mobile of those retired, ( Those over 55+),help and assistance to share their time with the less fortunate? Instead of maybe seeking to advance the concept of social interaction and communiall living for those people over 55, in a village atmoshere with a home for life?
    Are you wishing to solve a problem, or suggest a solution??? You may have to think very hard of ”What is AFC Cafe”, and what it is about?

  2. Margaret Emerton says:

    Whilst I believe that the use of technology will be the only way to get help and information widely distributed to the older people there is a need to consider what would be most suitable format

    Skype and YouTube may be the ideal solution, however to bridge the gap between ‘the expert group’ and the socially isolated, dis-abled, and disadvantaged groups is a huge step.

    During the two sessions I have attended I have learnt a lot about what is going on around Coventry, the Help and Self Help Groups, Activities that are available and Campaign Groups to name just a few. I have found that this information is buried in little pockets all over the ‘web’ if you know what to look for.

    Gathering as much information as possible into one web site (with appropriate links) would be one way to start. Then make it public knowledge and keep it up to date.

    Building partnerships with providers of technology, such as the Libraries, Local Community Centres. Schools or the City Council could help with access to the internet.

    I look forward to being part of ‘The Age Friendly City’.

    • john graham says:

      There are some very good points you have made in this reply – thank you very much Margaret. I would be delighted if you would stay involved with the CAFE Group as I’m sure you will have a great deal to contribute. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

  3. Diane says:

    I am unable to attend the meeting next friday as i have a hospital appointment.

    • john graham says:

      Not to worry. There will be meetings every Friday —- watch the blog for feedback on the Ryton meeting and details of the next venue.
      Good luck with the hospital appointment.

  4. Pamela Taplin says:

    Unfortunately I am unable to attend on a Friday as usually I have other arrangements..

    Found these sessions quite interesting but we have to remember that Pensioners are changes year by year and what retired people find interesting in 2013 won’t fit the bill in 2020.

    Good luck in all your efforts

    Pam T

  5. janet farr says:

    we shallmeetu at rytonon fridayataround 12after johnsappat hospital

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