This is a continuation of the CAFE Health survey.  ( Other posts in this series can be found either by clicking on “CAFE Project” in the Tag Cloud or by clicking on  “GrumbleSmiles Trust” in the Topics list)

safe NHSA somewhat controversial question, which prompted debate.   Nonetheless, the fact that a third of the group responded in the negative should be of concern.    An Age Friendly Coventry would surely want all of its older residents to feel secure about the health care they might need in later life.

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  1. This is a double edged question, or a posioned chalice? Which ever way one may look at it?
    In retirement and over 70 health insurance, unless held since youth! except for holiday one off insuarance, or a particular scenario, is extremely difficult to come by at a reasonable cost? or so I believe?? May be again I am wrong??
    In this case I have to rely on the NHS: Warts and all, and while I may feel relatively safe, my realisation is that while this maybe a service ‘cradle to the grave’ at my 70 years, I must to some extent acknowledge, that my choices are limited, and my econonomic value to society is or may be questionable? I just hope the younger people of today in the UK.Plc, treat us oldies with compasion, and dignity, when one becomes fraile and vunerable! I to some extent have a vote which I will use, but my tax raising ability has demisihed, even to the point of any savings I may have for my kith and Kin. A sobering set of thoughts. I am not sure about the cure.

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